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asa baby 💚

alice baby 💚


long time, no talk gooby goob!
how's filming??

great! we're almost done, so i'm ready
to just go home and see you guys 🥺🥺

omg it's been a MESS here since you left.
matthew has been visiting arlo nonstop,

lmao 😭
he's been texting me too,
won't stop checking up on me 🥺

well, arlo is tired of matthew,
(n i'm getting tired of arlo 🥲😐)

bestie, imagine sharing the womb
AND a room with him for years. 😐😐
he does not know when to stop 😐

omg, bestie don't even get me
started on timothee and jj.

uh, yeah, how's that going for them?

suspiciously good???
like they always hangout
n it's kinda getting too much?
like i didn't even know timothee liked jj that much.

me either.
not delivered

n it's weird to see how much they
both just latch onto one another.

ah, i'm not sure
he did go out with her a
few times before i left.

but wasn't that because YOU set them up?

i just mentioned her briefly.
i didn't "set them up"

anyways, the only person i thought
he liked was, well, you know.

well that's over now.
it has to be. so that's it.

anyways, they are being annoying,
i'm lowkey being annoying,
anyways , we need u back.😃👍🏻

i definitely want to come back.
like all my friends here are amazing,
but i really miss you guys.
like a lot.

i miss seeing you everyday gooby.

can you believe it's been 3 months already??

wait really?????
omg i do not know how i
survived without you n saoirse.

bestie me too 😭

so come home soon, right?

yeah, i'll see what i can do :)
love you.

love you more goobster :) 🤍


AHHH im so sorry for not updating
for a million of years (it seems like)

so much has happened, and there
is so much to tell all of you, but
i'll tell you guys about it soon!

all the love,

vee <33

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