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july 23

  something was off. about everything, but asa couldn't place it. she still hasn't talked to her brother, alice and her could barely talk, and the there was jj, who hasn't responded to her text from a while ago. suddenly, and sufferably, her whole life was different.

and even when she was talking with alice, things were off. there was still that love they always had, but was it the same? god, ever since she left, nothing was the same, and it killed her. and from what alice said, they too had changed, and asa hated the idea that their change had anything to do with her absence.

  and out off all those things, there was that worst thing, the thing she was terrified if that result of all this change, was from the, now estranged she guessed, relationship with timothee.

  before she had been terrified that getting together with timothee would ruin her relationship, but now asa was wondering if it was the exact opposite that would harm her relationship with everyone else. she prayed it was just her moving and being away from them for so long, but somehow, asa knew she was all wrong.

she just wanted to go back.

  and don't even get her started on yesterday. she didn't know how to react when the notification showed up on her phone. she initially thought it was a glitch, until she saw it, and it stayed there, enough to get her concerned.

  why did tim like her post after not talking to her for months? and why did it have to be the post she practically announced her relationship with davis? none of it made sense. she thought maybe he accidentally liked it, and he would've unliked it, but he never did. and forever on her page was a "liked by tchalamet". and in no way did she know how to decipher it.

  her mind wandered as she fiddled with her costume, pacing back and forth in her trailer, unaware of the knock at her door.

  "hey ms goob." a grinning face appeared in front of her, pulling herself out of her trance.

  "davis!" a smile spread on her face as she saw the boy, his bright smile already filling up the cloudy thoughts in her brain. if anything, anything at all, was good, it was davis. ever since she met him, and started hanging out with him, he was the only sense of something that she could hold on to. "what are you doing here?"

"visiting butterfield of course." he grinned, nodding his head to next door, where asa's costar's trailer was. davis was accepted anywhere. as soon as she brought him over to the cast, he was brought in like family, even faster than asa herself was brought into. he was just so charismatic and nice, that it seemed like everyone loved him, or wanted to be his friend. God, even alice and saoirse seemed in love with davis, and neither had even met or talked to him before. everyone seemed to be in love with davis walton. "nah, i'm here to see you. i have some news." and davis walton seemed to be in love with asa gubler.

"oh?" shaking the thoughts creeping in her head, asa smiled, walking up to him and pulling him into a hug. while davis was seemingly a friend to all, and already part of her life here in the uk, heaven knew where she stood, really, with him. "what's up?"

"well you know how we are recording our third album?"

"well, duh, i've been going to the recording studio with you guys for months." asa said, rolling her eyes. while she wasn't filming, she was with flitcherin, hanging out with them at the recording studio.

"ah yes, how could i forget when you would join in with your own lyric renditions." davis teased.

  "oh whatever, you even used some." asa rolled her eyes, moving to sit down on the couch in her trailer. "anyways, what about the recordings? other than that i'm the best songwriter on the album?" she teased as davis chuckled.

  "speaking of songwriters, we need one more song, and there is this one artist the whole bands been dying to work with, and we just got the chance to write with them." davis was grinning at this point, and asa understood that it meant a lot for him.

  "oh wow!" asa said, congratulating them. "that's great! who is it?"

  "they go by the name AERA." davis explained. "people say they korean american, so they have written for a lot of different artists, both in america and in korea, but really, no one knows who they are, which just makes everyone want to work with them."

  "AERA." asa mumbled, trying to see if she has ever heard of that name. "what did they work on?"

  "i guess the most notable artist they worked with is taylor swift." davis explained as asa nodded along. "anyways, while we work here, they are located in new york." new york.

  "new york?" asa echoed.

  "yeah, that's why i wanted to talk to you." davis sheepishly smiled, asa only assuming because he saw the look on her face, which asa felt like was the most shocked or scared she could ever be. "i was wonder if you'd like to go back with me." new york? go back? back when everything is wrong? when everything is not right? when she had already fucked everything over in new york? "of course, you have your show." davis rambled, trailing off when he saw asa spacing off.  "you okay?"

  "uh, yeah, just thinking about my schedule." she forced a smile. maybe there was a way she could get out of it. but she did want to go home. even just for a bit. but she didn't want to see him, or jj, or him.

  "don't you have a break in a little bit? i was talking to butterfield about it." davis smiled, looking awfully sweetly at her. "we leave the same week you guys start your halfway break, but it's up to you if you want to go." davis took asa's hand, pulling it into his. "i mean, it be great to see your life from your point of view."

  "new york?" asa smiled, but her heart was racing 100 miles per hour.

  "yep. nyc."

  "new york."

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