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text message

group chat of cool ppl
twin <3   asa
twin :)   arlo
twin gf !   alice
twin bro   matthew

twin <3

twin :)

twin gf!

twin <3
how are you guys?

twin :)
okay, you?

twin <3
i'm okay, we are wrapping filming
at the end of this week

twin gf !
that's good!
are you coming home?

twin <3
i'm planning of coming
home next week :)

twin :)
that's great, text us
when you're on the plane

twin <3
ok, i will

twin :)
ok, sounds good

twin gf !
oh my goodness,
can you guys get anymore awkward?!
you guys have barely
talked and it's really getting on my nerves.
you guys are twins! and you guys have
not once fought this bad, and over something so stupid!
i need you two to talk right now,
and get over yourselves.

twin <3
yeah, that's my fault.
i'm so sorry, arlo.
i've been a shit sister.

twin :)
what are going on about!
it was completely my fault
i was the one who invited
timothée even though you
made it clear you weren't
comfortable around him.

twin <3
are you crazy!
i'm the one who yelled at you
and alice! and i'm the one
who hasn't talked to y'all in forever!
i'm so sorry i blamed you guys,
it literally wasn't your fault
it was my fault that i let myself get so
angry around timothee and
i've just been a shit person in general
so literally this has all be my fault.

twin :)
yeah ur right u have been a shit person

twin <3
wasn't expecting that—

twin gf !

twin :)
i'm just kidding,
asa, i shouldn't have invited him without ur consent.
i knew how awkward it was going to be
around him, yet i ignored it. and i'm so sorry.

twin  <3
thanks ar. i miss you :((

twin gf !
so glad this is sorted out, anyway,
when are you coming home?

twin <3
yeah that's why i initially texted,
i wanted to know if you guys would
be okay with me coming home to
stay with yall..

twin :)
are u even crazier!
asa i swear to God u lost ur mind!
of course u can stay, it's ur freaking apartment!

twin gf !
yeah ur crazy! it's ur home asa,
you will always have a place here x

twin <3
yeah yeah i was just anxious 😀👍🏻
and thank you :) ❤️
anyways, i'll be home for halloween :D

twin bro

twin <3
look who finally decided to show up. 😐

twin bro
I was giving you guys space, don't blame me 😢

twin :)
alright oldie, isn't it time for ur daily medicine

twin <3
isn't it time for u to go to bed ?

twin bro
See this is why I don't like
chatting with you guys  ☹️

twin <3

twin bro
Who's that?

twin :)
omg you are old

twin bro

twin <3

twin bro

twin <3
i feel like i need to educate you on your emojis

twin bro
i like my emojis 🤓

twin <3
alright yep, you're done,
taking ur phone away old man


crappy filler chapter,
but the next two chapters
might be the end before the epilogue 😀
anxious, nervous, but i'm ready nonetheless😎🤘🏻

also, happy halloween!!
remember to stay safe no matter
what you decide to do tonight :)

(i'm gonna try to publish again 2nite
or tmr for gubler-ween :)))

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