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yo yooo

oi oiiii

what cha doing friday

i have an audition 😁😁

omg wait for what

literally don't know lmao
my agent just called me and was like,
here u go asa. learn this by friday 🙂
but i did read the script,
and i have a feeling the show is british?

lmao what do u mean

the lingo (?) is british lol
they use bum a lot 😳
and then like another
character says to me,
"oh, so you're the american"

maybe u should work
on your british accent...
pip pip cherrios 😎😎

tim that's the wrong emoji,
british people don't get the sun ✋😩

fuck, ur right

here's my accent
top of the morning
to you laddies 😁😁

i think that's irish 😳😳

right, right...
'ello govna
hows the wedah
the bay tastes like tea
after the american revolution, eh?
wait fuck, that's canadian
...this feels offensive

tbh probably

#euphoric will prob delete

prob offensive ✋😔
anyways! since you aren't free
friday, are you free thursday?

umm, lemme checkk

check around like dinner time

ok, bet.
what's up?

oh, i wanted to know if you
wanted to go to dinner!
jj recommended me this
place in the city that just opened up.
she said it's really good and
that i should try it out

shit, i have something
planned with the goobs,
i totally forgot.
we're doing something
for matt's birthday since he'll
be doing press when his actual
birthday rolls around..
sorry, T

hey, no problem!
i'll just go another day :)

hey! i have an ideaaa

well that ain't good

shut up 😒🖕
why don't you ask jj?
maybe she'll go with you

jj? why would i ask jj?

alright, T. you didn't
hear this from me

i already hear
everything from you,
tbh ur such a snitch✋

ignoring that—
anyways, i think-
that jj might have a teeny tiny ,
VERY minuscule crush on you.

well of course she does

ugh i hate u,
T, i'm serious.
i think she actually does

wait for real?

yeah! she talks to me
about you all the time.
and she recommended you
that restaurant for a reason!
she probably wants you to take her!!

you really think so?
i don't really see it

well of course you don't,
you're a guy

wow, that's not mean at all😔

it's true, when it comes to
people liking you, T, you're clueless.

says you 😒

what do you mean?


hold up, chalamet—
do you know someone who
likes me ✋😳

alright. okay, i'll ask her.

alright i gotta go,
(don't think you'll get off that easy
abt that person who likes me,
i'm coming for u 😡😡)

sure 😒😒

i'll see you after my audition😁<3

alright bye,
love ya

love u too✨

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