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may 21

  asa was not expecting this. well maybe she was and she just conditioned herself otherwise. all she knew is that she didn't know what to say.

it was going to be simple. she was just gonna say no and then move on with her life. they were fun and she enjoyed hanging with them, but this? she didn't want to cause them any trouble. she'd already caused enough for her friend group at home.

  it all just started with davis picking her up. just a casual day. nothing too out of the ordinary. she sat in the audio booth opposite of him as he recorded in the recording booth, the newest song flichterin was to release. that all it was supposed to be.

  when she accepted his invitation, she thought it would just be her listening to him sing. nothing else. nothing like this. and it was like that for a while. she was just sat in the booth, when he suddenly asked her to sing.

  "me? sing?" she laughed, pulling her knees up to her chest. "you're funny."

  "no i'm serious!" davis chuckled, picking up a nearby guitar and settling it in his knee. "sing."

  "you don't even know if i sing."

  "well i know you're insanely talented, and your brother sings well, so that must mean you must to," davis grinned, plucking a few strings.

  "you're logic is flawed. you obviously haven't seen matthew sing little mermaid." asa chuckled,thinking about that one time timothée dared him to, and the whole night he was just wildly spouting out lyrics.

  "wasn't your brother a chipmunk?"

  "just the dialogue, matt can't sing for shit." she grinned at davis, seeing him begin to laugh. "no, you haven't had drunken karaoke nights with him, it's absolutely horrendous!"

  "it can't be that bad." davis said, asa squinting her eyes at him, which just made him laugh once more. it's been like that. ever since they started hanging out, both of them have gotten more and more comfortable with one another's presence. to asa, it felt good to have someone she was close with, especially when she was miles away from her friends back home. "anyways, people have been asking about you to be featured in one of our songs, and i'm down. we just need to figure out if you can actually sing."

  "mhm, is that the only reason you want me to sing?"

  "uh yeah, no. i kinda just want to hear you sing." he grinned, placing the headphones over her ears, and situating her in front of the microphone. "come on, i'll sing it with you."

  "davis, i don't even know what we are singing!" asa called, her voice becoming muffled under the closed headphones.

  "it's track four on our debut album, novels." he grinned, pulling up a stool next to her and began to play the first few notes.

  his voice was melodic. everything seemed to work. somehow he knew where asa was in every moment in the song, and asa felt happy. she felt comfortable, even enough to break out into song, happily singing to davis next to her.

  the song slowed to an end, and everything was perfect. as it should be, a boy and a girl duetting one of her favorite love songs. it was perfect in all of its point. and asa was actually enjoying herself. she felt herself breathe and sing. stupidly sing no matter how terrible it sounded.

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