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april 30

  "where is he?" asa mumbled, glancing around the crowded entrance of the airport. her and saoirse were supposed to meet timothée there, but no one has heard from him in a whole day. "i specifically told him to meet us here."

  with her phone pulled up to her ear, saoirse impatiently waited, her phone ringing continuously as she tried to call timothée for what seemed like the millionth time.

  "ace, he's not picking up." saoirse sighed, pulling the phone away from her ear and hanging up. "it keeps going to voice mail."

  "he'll be here." asa shook her head. she was worried, to say the least. timothée had promised her he would be there to say goodbye, but the fact that he was missing completely last night, made asa nervous about the outcome.

  "come on, ace, we have to get in line for customs. you know how long that takes." saoirse pulled at asa's arm, but she didn't budge. she wanted to wait as long as she could for t. for a final goodbye. to know that everything was alright.

  "let me try calling him," asa muttered, pulling her phone out of her pocket, clicking his number out of speed dial. bitting her lip, asa heard the phone ring, each one getting louder as she waited.

  "asa," saoirse muttered, pulling on asa's arm. "we got to go inside, they are taking photos." nudging her head in a certain direction, a group of men dressed in uniform black stood with their cameras loudly clicking away, pointing directly at her and saoirse.

  "hey, it's timothée, leave a message." hearing the final ring of the phone call, asa nodded her head and headed for the door. 

  "wait!" right before the sliding door closed behind the two, a familiar voice shouted, the doors sliding open abruptly.

  "timothée!" asa let out a breath of air she seemed to be holding in as she went up to hug the boy. "God, where the hell have you been?" she pulled away from the boy, scolding him. "we've been calling you for ages!"

  "i'm sorry, i had to get something." asa looked up at him, seeing him holding back a smile as he glanced at her and saoirse.

  "ok, ok, let's get inside the airport, where they can't take photos of us anymore." saoirse smiled, shaking her head. "this way."

  the group made their way through the airport entrance, forced smiles as they made their way past all of the paparazzi and fans, eagerly asking something from each of them. timothée, as always, gracefully interacted swiftly with the fans, while saoirse goofed off with the fans, teasing them, as well as timothée.

and despite her happy exterior as she gladly signed a few autographs, asa felt far from happy. in this moment, she was leaving her life, sure, it was to do something amazing and something she had always wanted to do, but it was for so long and so far away, it almost felt like she was leaving forever.

"i feel weird." asa muttered to timothée as they finally made it through the group, able to catch a break from the mob. saoirse was already off, getting the tickets and baggage ready, leaving the two in a private section of the airport alone.

"why?" he replied, stuffing his hands in his pockets as he grinned at the girl. "are you going to miss me too much?"

"definitely, t." she laughed, rolling her eyes at his teasing grin. "no, i just feel weird leaving. i feel like i'm going to miss all of you way too much. and you know how home sick i get, i don't want to lose..." asa trailed off, shaking her head from her wandering mind.

"lose what?" he questioned, furrowing his brows together.

"nothing, it's embarrassing." forcing a laugh, asa dropped her head as she glanced at the ground.

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