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may 12

as much as asa would like to deny it, she couldn't shake the fact that she felt stuck. she's only been in the uk for two weeks, but she already wanted to turn around and fly back home as soon as possible. but it wasn't because the people, no, they were just about the best people she'd ever worked with, and glad that she was spending three months with them, but that didn't get rid of the fact that she wanted to go home. see her friends, see him. all she wanted was to go back.

but she couldn't. she was here. he was there. and it happened. and now she would have to live with the consequences.

"come on, goob, come dance with us!" amiee beckoned towards asa as she ran her hands through her hair, the best of the song matching perfectly with the lights soaring through the air.

asa shook her head at amiee, who was accompanied by both emma and ncuti, the pair dancing away at the pop music.

"i'm just going to go get another drink!" asa yelled at the trio, holding up her empty glass. in order to celebrate the last full week before filming started, the group had asked asa to come join them on their ritual party night that they have created over the last two season of filming. this ritual consisted of heading to the closest club in london, and partying til the sun rose, all before they had to prepare themselves to trek to the countryside where filming would commence.

considering the fact that asa wasn't exactly a party person, and she was still a sort of jet lagged, not to mention the drama she had experienced just two weeks prior, asa almost denied the idea, asking to stay home in the apartment, but she didn't. something about the whole situation of everything told her to say yes. maybe it was the fact that she did need to become friends with these people. she's hoping to become a returning character for later seasons, and if she is barely close with the cast, those few years will be actual shit.

  luckily, the whole cast was amazingly nice. asa and her have quickly become close friends, and she was greatly integrating with the girl group so far, considering she had only met emma and amiee. and ncuti was crazy fun, and always up to make asa feel better, even talking a few times about her feeling a bit homesick.

"hey," asa called over the music as she approached the bar, signaling the bartender as she wiped down a few glasses. "could i get another shirley temple?" the girl, who's eyes seemed to brighten as she noticed who asa was, quickly nodded as she grabbed another glass to get for asa, working right away on the drink.

  "another pint, please," a voice called from behind asa, a hand reaching towards the bar, pulling their body onto the stool next to her. asa turned her head to see a dark haired boy with wire glasses, a face like she had seen him before. for some reason, asa felt like she knew that boy.

"do i know you?" she blurted out, turning to fully face the boy, who slowly turned.

"no, not personally, i don't think," he replied, as she scrunched her eyebrows together, trying to see more of his features, which proved to be difficult due to the lasers and flashing lights. "you're asa gubler, aren't you?" his voice, though a bit muffled by the music, was melodic, and he spoke in a low british accent.

"that i am." she nodded, still looking at his features. she felt like she had seen him before as well. she peered at his outfit, which consisted of an loose buttoned shirt, with the first few unbuttoned so he was showing his chest just the slightest. very harry styles-esque if anything.

he grinned at her, asa noticing that he was extremely handsome. like extremely. "i'm davis walton."

  "i feel like i know you, like i've seen your face before. i just can't seem to place it." she muttered again, looking down to see if she could pin point who this guy was. from the way he was dressed, and the fact that asa knew him, she knew he had to be famous somehow, but she just couldn't place the thought.

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