When he's jealous

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You were hanging out with a few friends.They were trying to set you up with (Guy friends name).

“Guys look I appreciate that you want someone to ‘protect me and love me’,but with all do respect I have someone!!”You said as you grabbed (G/f) hand and took off.Once you were far away from your friends you sat down in the alleyway.

“I am so sorry about that.”You said catching your breath.

“It’s ok..but who’s this guy that you are dating?”He asked sitting closer to you,and putting his arm around you.

“Leo we meet a while back.”You said putting your head on his shoulder.

“Oh well he’s a lucky guy,and he should know it!”He said as you helped him up.

“Yeah..Now come on we should get go-“You stopped mi-sentence when you saw leo  attack the poor guy!!

“Don’t.you.ever.touch.her.again!”He said punching,and kick like a mad man..Turtle..

“LEO WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!”You hissed hoping that no one became curious.

“I’m teaching him not to mess with my girl!”He said stepping into the light.

“Leo that’s my friend we were just talking why would you..”Then it hit you he was jealous”Oh you were jealous weren’t you?”You asked as her put a warm around you and lead you back to the sewers.

“W-what n-no I wasn’t!!”He said as his face turned red.

“Sure you weren’t!”You said kissing his cheek 


You and your brother were walking down the street.He just got back from  Military school and you wanted to spend time with him before he left again.

“So (Y/n) what did I miss?”He asked slipping an arm around you

“Um nothing much..Just that I might or might not have a new boyfriend”You said smiling.

“Humm if he hurts you know that I’m here,and I will beat him up if he hurts you.”He said in a joking manner.When a green flash ran across and grabbed your brother and started to fight with him.In a instant you knew who it was.

“RAPH!WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MY BROTHER!!!”You asked pulling them apart.

“Your-your b-brother?..well now I feel stupid.”He said rubbing the back of his head.

“Yeah he just got back from Military school…Didn’t you get my text?”You asked checking your phone.

“Umm..no I broke my phone..trying to hit Mikey”He said.

“Right..um I’m (B/n)..”He said looking at Raph”And um whats with the costume?”He said poking at his skin.

“Um bro this is not a costume..He’s a real turtle and before you ask no mom and dad do not know so lets keep it that way.”You said leaning on your boyfriend.The rest of the day was getting caught up on whats been going on.


You have been to caught up in school for anything really.Though you always came to the lair you stilled worked because once you were focused it was hard to get you to get unfocused.You walked in the lair with a notebook with questions the teacher gave you since you did all the work early.This was extra credit..You never know right?

“Hey (Y-)”Donnie tried to say but you just kissed his check and sat down at the table,and started to write again.Laughter could be heard from where you just left as you kept writing.When the notepad got taken away.

“Wha- Donnie give that back!!I need that!!”You said jumping up and down.

“Nope not a chance!You have been spending all of your time doing homework,or some school activity!I never get to see you anymore!”He said sticking the notepad in a high place.”I just some of your time..is that too much to ask for?”

“Donnie I had no idea..”You said hugging him..”You know I’m going to need that back right?”You said not letting go.

“Yeah lets not think about that right now..kay”He said kissing the top of your head.Afterwards you went and saw a movie and just had a date night.


You were chatting with your friends.

‘’And he is really cute!!”You said talking about you secret boyfriend.

“OMG!!!He sounds perfect!!”Your friend said jumping up and down.”well I got to get home see ya!”

“Bye (Bff/n)!”You shouted as you walked off into a ally way and was about to go into a sewer when you heard a  thump.

“(Y-y/n) is it true..are you cheating on me”

“Mikey?”You said running up to him”W-what do you mean?”

“W-well I..i heard you talking about a g-guy and I-i”Mikey said as he broke down trying not to cry.

“Wha-OH’’You said realizing that he heard the conversation between you and your friend.”Mikey didn’t you hear the beginning..I was talking about you!”You said hugging him.

“Y-you were?”Mikey asked wiping his eyes.

“Yeah I was..you want to go get some pizza?”You asked as you stood up.

“Yeah I do!”He said turing back to his old self.After that you spent the day eating pizza and other junk food.At the same time watching movies and playing video games. 


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