Soulmate AU

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It is said that whenever your soulmate wrote something on their hand, it would appear on your skin on the exact same spot. Well if that is the case then you must be cursed since nothing ever appeared on your skin, and if it was true then your soulmate must be pretty pissed at you since all you ever did was write on your hands. It ranges through grocery list, hmw assignments, and anything really sometimes mindless drawings!!
It was late and you were spending your Friday in the library finishing some last minute work, your eyes seemed to drift to the writing on your hand "go to public library-work :/" you sighed wishing that your soulmate would come and provide a distraction, when you started to daydream about what your soulmate might look like.... If you had one...
In a different part of the city....
"DUDE!" Mikey said leaning on Donnie who was looking at his hand. "You have been looking at whatever this mystery chick wrote for like ever!!"
"Not true!! It's been like 3 minutes... And it's just very interesting... That I have such an.." Donnie said before Raph interrupted him
"A forgetful soulmate. I mean honestly you know everything on her grocery list, and-"
"Milk, eggs, strawberry pop tarts, OJ, chocolate, and-" Donnie said with a smug smile
"My point exactly! Honestly!" Raph said when Leo cut in.
"Guys! Sorry to interrupt but we're sorta on patrol!!!" Then they kept moving onwards. When Mikey leaned in and said "hey D so what does it say? Your.... Hand?" Donnie smiled and replied
"The public library, but I-"
"You mean that one D?" Mikey asked pointing to the library. Indeed it was, and it seemed one person was in there!! "Go to her dude, I've got ya covered!" He just nodded and left.
Back with you
You were packing up, you just finished your hmw and was about to leave. You looked at the fading writing on your hand and sighed, maybe next time. Then all of a sudden a shadow ran past a book shelf knocking a book over.
"Hello... A-anyone there... The library is closing... C-come back tomorrow" the shadow ran past you. You went over to a fallen book you were happy since it was a hard cover it could do some damage if need be. You whipped your head to where your backpack and stuff were and you saw a giant freaking turtle trying to pick up the fallen bag and the stuff that fell out with it. "" He turned with a red face.
"Oh ummmm, I was just... Are you ummm..." You couldn't help but giggle he was kinda cute after all. He started to mutter about how he totally messed up and all.
"No no" you said walking over to help and put your hands on his shoulders. "It's ok... You're kinda cute.." He smiled his gaped tooth smile his checks a light pink.
"I ummm... hand?" He said pointing to you hand with the writing on it.
"Huh..." You looked at your hand that had the writing on it then at his hand and it had the same thing. "No.. Your kidding me!!! My soulmate is a-well a turtle!!!" You were in shock as you looked at your hands. " I I mean I'm sorry if everything that I wrote was annoying I-" when Donnie cut you off with a kiss.
"No no I think it's cute..." Then you smiled and kissed him back. Yeah your soulmate was pretty awesome!!!  

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