First date<3

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Leo had just sent a text saying that 'he wanted to show you something so dress nice!!' you put on (F/c) dress,and some nice 3 to 4 inch heels.Then you were off.You went to the address Leo sent you (which was this park.).You sat under a tree when a guy in a fancy black jacket,with a blue shirt under it,black dress shoes,and a weird looking watch.He was holding what looked like a old picnic basket.

"Hey (Y/n)."He said putting his arms around you.You instant who it was

"Leo!!"You said hitting his arm playfully."What happened..Your human!!"

"Yeah well Donnie made us all watches to make us human!!So..what do you think (n/n)?"He said letting you getting a full view of him.

"I'm glad that you and I can hang out with you in daylight now, but fell in love with the turtle in blue.."You said carelessly putting your arms around his shoulders.

"Ok..I'm glad you think that because its not permeant so we should start to eat this picnic I packed.."He said as you two sat down and begin to eat and chat.


You were walking off some steam,when a motorcycle stopped in front of you.He took off his helmet to revile black hair with a green strip going down the middle,a crimson red muscle shirt and black skinny jeans,and deep green eyes, When he walked up to you

"Hey,buddy don't try anything,cuz I have a boyfriend that might hurt you, and if not him then I will!"You said

"Uh I don't think I would WANT hurt myself."He said putting his arms around you in a hug.

"Raph!!!"You said surprise."H-how did this happen?!?"

"Well Donnie used his nerdy magic and BAM here I the flesh!.."He said striking a pose."Now (c/n/n) come on I want to take you out on a date!!"He slung you on the back on the hot rod and drove off.You were in one of the fanciest restaurant.Then took you on a motorcycle ride to the out skirt of new yourk where you watched the sunset as you cuddled.


You were studying for a test in (F/s).when you heard a tapping on your window.It was donnie.

"Hey (Y/n)"Donnie said smiling."C-can you come out here I want to show you something."Donnie said,and even though it was dark you could tell he was blushing.Once you got  to the balcony he was already on the fire escape motioning for you to climb up.Donnie was standing there in-front of what looked liked a pic net  basket.When he turned him self Human."So you like it?"He asked.You looked around astonished!!

"I-i love it..but why.."You asked

"Because I love you."He said smiling.

"Love you too."You said hugging him."But I want it to be you who I enjoy this with."You said as you disable the watch.Then you two sat down and ate.Then you went inside and watched a few movies.


You were at the skate park trying to learn new movies to impress you boyfriend Mikey.When two green hands picked you up from behind and told that the last trick you did was amazing!

"Mikey don't do that you almost gave me a heart attack!"You simi-wispered.

"Sorry..just trying to be romantic..I spent all day watching movies about that stuff.."

"Oh Mikey just give me a little warning next time..Kay"You said knowing how sensitive he could be.
"Kay."He chirped.After skating for awhile you watched a few movies on NetFilx.

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