Asking you out

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You and Leo were having one of your infamous movie nights. You were watching the new Space Heros movie when Leo paused it.

"Hey Leo whats up?"You asked hoping nothings worng with him.

"Um N-nothings worng just that I-um" Leo said looking everywhere. Finally they landed on you. "(Y-y/n)?"He asked

"L-leo?"You asked back hoping that he was not hurt,or slowly dying!! He grabed your hands which seemed so small compared to his.

"You and I have been friends for a long time and I don't want anything to ruin here it goes..Willyoubemygirlfriend?" He asked so fast that you did not catch that.

"Wait what?"

"Will you..(Y/n) Do me the honor of being my girlfriend..."Leo!!! "Or not..Thats fine too"

"Leo are you kidding me?!? I would LOVE to be your girlfriend!!"You said hugging him

"REALLY!" He said as you two spent the night cuddling and watching space heros.


You were mad that your parents were fighting and they brought you into it again!! Now you were on your balcony just staing at the sky...When you heard a lound thump behind you. You turned around to see a flustered looking Raph.

"Hey Raph ya ok.."You said as you sat down next to him on the ledge.

"Um yeah just was walking around and happeed to see you here and everything so yeah" Raph said not once taking his eyes off the city in front of him

"Okay~" You said returing back to the city when a rose dropped in front of you.

"..(Y/n)..Look..we have know each other for a while now and I can honstly say I have never felt this way about any one else in my entire life.."

"Raph..I know.. Exactly how you feel.." you twisted the flower in your hands sighing.

"So is that a yes.." he looked away, you smiled 

"YES ya big dummy"You said hugging him


You and Donnie were watching a scifi movie that Donnie had wanted to see but never had the chance to. When you heard Donnie moving in his seat nervsoly.

"Hey donnie-boy you ok?" you glanced at him

"Uh yeah..Just trying to get comfortable" He said smiling. Not wanting to fight, you said

"Ok if you need anything just let me know" you said turning your attention back to he T.V. You only been watching the show for a few minutes when Donnie paused it.

"(Y-y/n) I..I..I ju..jju..just..ummmm..." he was shaking violently 

"Donnie..I wold love to be your girlfriend!!"You said kissing his cheeck,and for the rest of the night you were watching tv and cuddling, and ignoring the text that Mikey earlier that day informing you that Donnie might ask you out.


You and Mikey were at the skate park where you meet when you saw mikey on his keenes..'was he hurt!!!'.You thought as ou ran up to him.Once you got up to him you saw him cluching his palstron.

"OH MY GOD...MIKEY!!ARE YOU.." You were interupted when Mikey pulled out a will you be mine stuffed bare.."Oh..Mikey..I would love to'' you said hugging. For the rest of the night you skated side by side.

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