I've got ta ask YOU

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You were going to play with ice cream kitty, it was your turn to check on him anyways... Or at least that what the others had said so you just went along with it.. Once you opened it you saw ice cream kitty holding a letter in his mouth or was it her mouth... You never really knew, you just sorta went with it...
Once you got the letter from ice cream kitty you read it.
"(Y/n) I got you this amazing dress in our bedroom that I would love for you to put on then meet me at this address." You looked at the bottom of the paper to see the address written on the back. You then wished ice cream kitty good bye, closed the fridge and left.
Once you had on (the dress above) and put on heels that were sitting on the dress, then makeup, you left weapon on you... The address was the abandoned skate park where you first met Mikey. When you saw a shadow skate past you...
"Mikey.. Mikster?!?" Then someone behind you said
"Hey!" Then you yelped and turned around ready to fight when you saw it was Mikey, you then jumped on him giving him a big hug.
"You almost gave me a heart attack!!"
"Woah dude... Is that bad?"
"Very!!" You said taking a step back
"Sorry princess, but I wanted to surprise you!!" He said as he placed you on the skateboard. After that he wouldn't say another word, he just pushed you to your destination.
Now getting there, there were a few obstacles, but in the end it was worth it. You were on top of the wall on the other side of the skate park, you always thought that it was beautiful up here at night.
"Oh Mikey... This is so.." You said looking down on the shadow that the park cast, then you looked at Mikey who was on one knee you gave a small gasp.
"(N/n) now you know I'm not too good with words.. But like when I'm with you!! I-it's better than ice cream kitty and all the pizza in the world!!! You're the first thing on my mind when I wake up and the last thing when I'm asleep!!" He said then he pulled out a ring box from inside his little tool pouch. "I love you so much.. I.. I want you to be my wife.... If that's ok with you..." You were stunned for a second tears threatening to poor out your eyes.
"If that's okay with me.." You said getting on your knees. "Mikey.." You said barely above a whisper "OF COURSE IT'S OK WITH ME!!" You shouted hugging him!! He then slipped on the ring on your finger.

" You said barely above a whisper "OF COURSE IT'S OK WITH ME!!" You shouted hugging him!! He then slipped on the ring on your finger

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