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You were walking  to the lair excited because you got a egg the color of your Boyfriends bandana,and filled it with stuff he liked!!And you were wearing a nice little dress that you thought was cute.Once in the lair you saw all the other turtles girlfriends got the turtles an egg the color.Mikey got one of those min-skate boards,and a little thing of candy.Leo got a one of a kind space heroes action figures,Donnie got Chocolate and little parts that he wanted,and Raph got some candy money and a note that said ’Sorry but I didn’t know what to get you.’They loved the little presents that you got them.

Your dresses.

(L/g)-A Dark blue dress with little flowers.the sleeves were skinny like a tank top size,and went below the shoulders.The dress went a little pass the keens.

(R/g)-A white dress with red poke-a-dots on them.Your sleeves are a bit thicker but still a little bit below the shoulders.The dress is a little above the knees.

23(D/g)-A sleeveless dress with a top with sparkles,and a purple bottom that reaches your feet.

(M/g)-An orange lace dress with a white belt around your waist.

It was a great day for everyone.(L/g) and (D/g) went and got some food for everyone to enjoy,and then you all watched (F/m).


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