Trying to reach you

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It’s been a day since Leo had heard from you.’This is all my fault.I don’t deserve someone as beautiful,talented,smart,and what am I thinking I drove her away.I am such an idiot.’He thought looking at the Captain Ryan figurine’s that you had gotten him for easter.When his T-phone went off.

“What do you want.”Leo groaned in the phone thinking it was his brothers checking on him again.nghjk

“Aww something leo?”Karai said in a sing song voice

“Karai H-how did you get my number?”

“Check your caller ID”So Leo did to see it was your phone.Leo started to get mad.

“Karai wheres (Y/n) if you lay a hand on her I’ll-“

“You’ll what Leo.”Karai’s voice filled with poison.”Look if you want her safe you’ll do as told got it!”

“Fine what do you want.”Leo said.Karai told him to meet him on top of the building of your apartment.When Leo agreed he left.


Raph was punching the punching bag when his T-phone went off.In an instant he knew it was you.(Because of the ringtone he gave  you was (your f/s))

“(Y/n)?”He asked.

“Guess again Ralphie”Said a deep voice.

“Slash what did you do to (Y/n)!!”

“Calm down Raph..I didn’t do anything to her yet,but if you want to see your precious (Y/n) again then I suggest that you come to the building next to the Pizza place..You know the one.”He said then hung up.

“Oh I know”Raph said growling,and ran out.


Donnie was in his lab when the Kraang communicator went off it said

“Kraang report to Kraang data base to test the mutagen on the one know as (Y/n)”Donnie gasped.

“My precious (Y/n)!Experimented on!”He growled as he ran out weapon in hand.


Mikey had a really bad felling in his stomach.He couldn’t do anything today Video games,eating Pizza,and he was like 20% worse at training.Now he was just lying on his side looking at pics of you and him on his T-phone.When it went off.


“Guess again turtle.”


“Well Nah?”He said in a sarcastic voice

“Then who?”Mikey asked sitting up

“I-NEVER MIND..Look I have your girlfriend (Y/n) if you want to see her alive then come to the allay way from across the pizza hunt.”He then hung up and Mikey ran out to save you.

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