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You were getting married in a week, and to say you are nervous is an understatement, but nervous to the point of morning sickness makes you worried. That's what lead to you talk to the other girls about your state, and now the positive pregnant test in front of you.. Tears pricked at your eyes, as a pair of arms wrapped around you, you gasped to realize it was all the girls holding you.

"W-what if he doesn't want kids.." You were shaking as they closed the door and sat in a circle around you blocking the door the best they can.

"He got YOU preggos!" Mikey's girlfriend pointed out as she picked at her skinny jeans Raph's girlfriend hushed her but nodded her head all the same. Soon you came up with a plan to tell Leo the hard truth...

The girls told their boyfriends so that they would stand back for support, and to lead Leo to the Dojo where you waited by the big tree. There was fairy lighting around the trees and the natural lighting was dimmer... You were looking at the tree one hand gently holding a branch the other your stomach. You were wearing a flora print dress. When you heard his familiar foot steps and the door closing, you took a shaky breath. 

"(Y-y/N-n) what is all this" Your hands fell to your sides "A-are you ok?" He touched your shoulder and you turned around to face him.

"Please don't hate me" Tears threatened to pour, he cupped your cheeks kissing your tears.

"I could never.." He muttered hands on your shoulders. You placed your hands over his. 

"I-I.." Leo looked at you like a kicked puppy. "The other night was" You give a short laugh, and Leo chuckled, but still wanted to know what was going on. "A-and I.. We..." You placed his hands on your stomach. It took a few minutes until his face was confused to pure shock, and when he didn't respond you sighed in defeat as you took a step back from him and covered your stomach with both arms. "I.. I-if you can't accept it.. me. Them..Then I-i" Before you could finish your sentence you were swooped up in a big hug.

"We're pregnant!!!" He hollered as he then put you down sandpit his face by your stomach, you couldn't help but laugh. "Hey little one, I'm your daddy" His voice breaking when he said 'daddy'. He looked up and started to laugh and kiss you all over your face, you soon were both a giggling mess while the others came in and started to ask about names and such.. Splinter smiled, and made comments on he will be called Papa 

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