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When you meet your soulmate it is said that their name will appear after you introduce each other. You had often wonder what this mystery man's name will be, maybe it'll start with the same first letter as yours!!!! How radical would that be. You also wondered if he was into skating like you, maybe a nerd, or maybe a dude that acts all tough but is really a softy. You smiled at the thought but without realizing it your skateboard hit a rock and sent you flying to the ground. You were sitting on your butt looking for your bored but you couldn't seem to find it. You were about to stand up when a big shadow stood in front you, you tried to see who it was but it was too dark
"Woah dude you ok?" He offered his hand at the time you didn't look to see the had was green and had three fingers. The guy handed you your skate bored after helping you up, when he came into view you saw he was a giant turtle, but he was so kind... You didn't understand everything you heard about mutants was how they were mean freaks out for blood!!! Why was this one so nice?
"Uhhh dude? You ok? I mean that was quite a fall..." He asked, did he not realize that he was a mutant?!?
"I....I'm ok...are y-you?" Ughhh (y/n) you probably sound so stupid to him!!!
"Huh... Oh, oh yeah... I better go..." He said sounding sad.
"WAIT!!" He stopped and looked at you "I uh never got your um name..." A big smile came to his face as he put his hands on his hips
"My names Mikey, dude... Yours"
"(Y/n) I..." But then you stopped talking when you felt as though someone was trying to write in your back with a needle. Mikey was mirroring the pain in your face, for he felt the same pain. When the pain ended you looked at Mikey in shock then checked where the writing was it said in blacks cursive writing 'Mikey'. When Mikey gave a horse laugh "I guess I should just call you 'My soulmate'" you jumped in his arms and laughed, you then spent the whole night together....

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