I-i got ta ask

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Splinter had you training all day, then meditation, and now you had walked out of the shower to see a dress and heels on the door you smiled, you then did your hair and makeup, and then you got dressed.
As soon as you got dressed you walked out to see Donnies three brothers, their gfs, and splinter at the end of the line.. It made a little triangle.
"Wow (n/n) you dress nice.." Raph said before getting slapped by Leo. "Ouch.. What I'd say?" You chuckled.
"T-this is amazing.. But w-what's going on?" You asked as you walked towards splinter. Splinter put his elbow out and you took it.
"Donatello has something very... Interesting planned.." Splinter hummed a small smile playing on his lips. You almost didn't notice the small line of rose petals leading a little ways out of the lair and into a different part of the swear, it was a really big place that was cleaned up and had fake candles in a circle around your Donnie.
"W-what?" You turned to Splinter who was already gone, then looked at Donnie. "Don Don?" You walked up to him
"(Y/n)... W-we've been together for a long long looonnnggg..."
"Donnie..." You said in a teasing manner
"Okay okay..." He sighed "it's just been an amazing journey.. I-I love you!!" You smiled as he slowly got down on one knee "that's why I want to know if you'll.." He was fiddling with a small box. You smiled as you bent down
"Donatello of this is your way of asking me to marry you.. Than yes!!" You kissed him as he slipped on the ring.

 Than yes!!" You kissed him as he slipped on the ring

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