When you meet April and Casey

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You and Leo were in the dojo.Since you couldn’t spar without Splinter’s word you just decided to watch,after awhile you got board and left.When you did you saw a girl with red hair watching T.v. now since you were pretty shy you snuck into the kitchen where you saw a guy with black hair,in some hockey uniform,with hockey sticks.You tried to snuck out,but before you could he closed the fridge,saw you,put an arm around you and said

“Hey Beautiful whats a girl like you doing in a place like this?”

“Ugh I don’t have time for this.”You said trying to pry off his arm.When a new voice came in.

“Cassie who are you talking to?”The girl said walking up to where you guys stand.

“Oh hey red,do you know this chick.I think she’s checking me out.”He said as he tried to whisper.Right there was the last straw for you.

“Sorry about him,I’m April by the way,thats Cassie but you already meet him..and you are?”She asked

“Names (Y/n),and I have a boyfriend by the way.”You said

“Oh yeah and who is that?”Cassie asked getting smug.When a voice you knew all to well said:

“That would be me!Cassie Jones.”Leo said giving him the death glare.He then walked over and put an arm around you.

‘’Um does that answer your question?”You asked.After that you and Leo watched Space Hero’s 


You and Raph were sparing on the roof when a girl across the street came from her apartment.

“Hey I’m going to take a brake for a while.’’You said as you walked to your friend April.

“Hey apes whats up!”You said as you did  your little handshake.”Cassie”You said.You never favored Cassie he tried to hit on you when he’s dating April!!Of course you didn’t tell her that.Then you heard 

“Wait,you know April?!?”Your turtle boyfriend said coming out of the shadows.

“Yeah she’s one of my friends..We don’t hang out much though..”You said surprised he knew her.

“Yeah Raph,and how do you my (N/n)”April said putting arm around you.

“We’r dating.”Raph said as he took you back.

“You’r kidding”Cassie said looking at you in disbelief.

“Yeah,got a problem with that Jones!?!”You growled taking a step forward.

“N-no problem at all.”Cassie said grabbing april's hand.You spent the rest of the night catching up.


You and Donnie  were in his lab.He was helping you with (W/s).

“And thats how you take care of that!!”Donnie said as he closed up your notebook

“Nice!”You said as you hugged him.

“You know I love you right.”He whispered in your hair.You looked at his gaped tooth smile and you couldn’t help but smile.

“I love you too Donnie bare.”You then kissed him on the lips.It lasted about a while.When you parted you saw a girl with red hair standing there staring at you and your boyfriend in shock.

“A-april this is (Y/n)..My Girlfriend.”He said as he looked at you and smiled.

“Oh ummm I am so happy for you Donnie!!!You finally meet someone..”She said forcing a smile.”Oh Cassie”She yelled.Then said guy came in.

“Yeah re-who's the chick?”He said pointing to you which earned a low growl from april as she dragged Cassie away.


You and Mikey were in the kitchen.You were making the dough for the pizza Mikey wanted to make when you felt like someone was behind you.Thinking it was Mikey you turned and threw powder in his face only to hear a shriek.

“Dude why did you throw-woah who are you”a guy with hockey sticks said looking at you up and down.


“(Y/n)? what happened to Cassie?”Mikey asked putting an arm around your shoulders.

“Mikey you know her?”This Cassie guy asked

“Well DUH I know my girlfriend!!”Mikey said rolling his eyes

“*Gasp*Did I just hear Mikey has a girlfriend!!’’ A girl with red hair said as she ran in.

“Apparently so.”Cassie said putting his arm around her.After that all of that you two got to know each other better and bake!!!It was a good day. 

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