Saint Patricks day

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It was Saint Patricks day and your friend was making you be in the parade.Though you didn’t really tell (Your turtle boyfriend) you thought that it would be fine..right?Besides you were told that the turtles other girlfriends were going to be there.That was another reason you were going,was because you and the girls became really close friends.When you were putting the finishing touches on what you were wearing when your phone went off.It was (Y/t/bf) texting you it said 

“Hey where r u?”

You:”Going to be in parade see u after”

Him:Wht parade?

You:”The St.pats parade.”




You put on (Favorite sport) T-shirt and blue jeans with green.You put your phone in the front of the of your blue and green bike your friend got you for the occasion.It was the bands then the bikers.


You put on a red t-shirt with the small sleeves and said rebel in black,and green pants.You put on these shoes that had the roller skates things on the bottom,and grabbed the bag of candy and green necklaces since that was the roller bladders jobs they opened up for the floats.


You and your friends were in the floats with your friends acting out the history of St.pats day.You put on a leprechaun costume which was a dress version of a normal  leprechaun costume.You grabbed your ‘pot of gold’ and went out mumbling 

“This is so embarrassing”


You put on an orange and green skater girl clothes and grabbed your green skateboard.You were going to go before the horses,and you were jumping with joy as you went to stand with the rest of the people in the parade.


You were half way done with the parade when you heard

“(Y/n) HEY (Y/NNNNN) IT’S MEEE LEO!!”Shouted a man following you down the path in his human form.

“LEO?!?”You yelled as you pulled over and let him catch up”W-what are you doing here?”you asked as you walked beside the bike.

“Just watching the parade.”He said as he helped walk your bike.

“Kay just wanted to make sure that you weren’t stalking me…Again”You laughed as his face turned red.

‘I-I was not stalking I just HAPPENED to follow you home..”He stuttered 

“Whatever you say………Stalker”You said winking to show you were joking.

“Why I outta.”Leo growled

“ah-ah-ah were in public leo”You said in a sing song voice trying to hold in laughter.Leo soon joined in the laughter as you finished the parade your friend ran up to you.

“Hey (Y/n) what happened to yo-who’s this?”Your friend asked.

“(F/n) this is Leo….My Boyfriend..”You said holding his hand.

“Oh..well I am (F/n) and just so you know if you DARE hurt my (Y/n) I will find you and kill you.”You friend said in a deep growl”Got it!”She said in a happy voice.

“Got it.”Leo said a little afraid.

“Good”Your friend said as she skipped off.

“Man..She scares me.”Leo said staring at the spot she stood.”How did you meet  her?”

“Well lets just say she was pushing this guy around because he insulated me and a few others..and yeah we became friends.”You said shrugging.


You were do your little thing with skating and throwing candy and what not when a motorcycle just zipped by and you saw it was Raph in his human form.

“Raph?’’You said as you were about to crash into him,but he caught you.

“Hey (Y/n) what up?”He said as he helped you up.

“Nothing..But what are you doing here.”

“Just enjoying the parade.”He said as he lifted you up to the motorcycle.”Want a ride.”

“S-sure”You said as he started the engine.You rode all the way till the end of the parade.


You were saying your line for the 2nd time that day when you heard a loud whistle.You looked up to see Donnie in human form.

“GO (Y/N)”Donnie screamed at the top of his lungs”THATS MY GIRLFRIEND!!”He screamed.You started to smile and to enjoy yourself.When you were finished you saw Donnie waiting for you.

“Hey Donnie”You said as he pulled you into a hug.”What was that?”You laughed.

“What can’t cheer on my girlfriend?”He asked

“No..but still that was just something else.”You said as he kissed you.


You were skating and doing the tricks when you heard someone yell cool I want to try.You stop to see Mikey in human form.

“Mikey is that you?”You asked as you two skated next to each other.

“Yeah sure is?”He said.

“What are you doing here?”

“I wanted to see you,and then I realized how fu these things are!!I want to do one every year!!”He screamed the last part.You two then just had fun at the parade. 

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