When you meet again

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You were in your room thinking about a certin blue bandit turtle. Remembering how you got to know each other over the phone. You had a lot in common!! When you heard a knocking on your door. You turned around to see the turtle that clogged your mind since last night.

"Leo...Ho-how..Did you find me"You asked as you let him in your house.

"Well I might have ..um followed... you home..You know for safity reasons.."He said sitting on your bed..You could  tell something was worng..

"So you here to chit-chat or is something going on.."You asked sitting next to him. For awhile he didn't talk so you pestered him until he gave in.

"Well..Ok..so my brother Raph and my other brother Mikey got into a fight..again and when I tried to stop Raph we g..got into a fight,and He was qustioning my postion as leader..He told me how I'm a horiable brother.We started to fight over who was our farthers favorite son. Then I ran off and here I am...." He looked at the floor, you stared intensely at him.

"Oh..well I know how to handle this..I watched A LOT of T.V." You said as Leo rolled his eyes trying not to laughing. "Well first siblings fight but they still love each other..so Raph.. was just leting his anger out on you and Mikey..So just give it a while. Also your father has no favorite...he loves you all equally" You said rubbing his arm in reassurance, you two made eye contact as you smiled.

"Yeah..(Yn)..Your right." Leo said pulling you in to a hug.After that you watched the space heros untill you both fell asleep.


You were wating on your new 'friend'. When you thought that he was a no show. So you were starting to  leave when you saw the red banned turtle.

"Hey thought you were a no show."You said sitting next to him on the ledge of the roof.

"Yeah well I'm just full of surprises" He said avoding any and all eye contact..

"Hey ya ok Raph"You asked

"Uh yeah...just my bros are getting on my nerves!"He said looking like he was about to punch a wall..

"Raph"You said geting his attention "Tell me about it"And he did..

(Leo's description.)


It was 7:58 when you heard a knocking on your window.You turned around to see non-other than

"Donnie!" You said opeing the window.Letting him in. "Your early.."

"Yeah well just its close to eight." He said steping in your house "So about that Homework?" He sat down siting down at the extria seat you put up for him.You soon joined him as he  helped you with (W/S).

"Well (Y/n) looks like your going to get a A!"Donnie said smilling.You were so happy that you hugged him

"Thankyouthankyouthankyou"You said when he put his arms around you.

"Your welcome (y/n)"He said wispering in your hair.Afterwards you watched T.v and talked to each other for most of the night. Until you fell asleep, he stayed awake but waited for you to wake up till he left. 


You were trying to play video games but your mind was traviling back to the thoughts of the orange band turtle.When you heard something coming in from your window.You turned to see Mikey walking in your window.

"Mikey?You ok?" You asked as you reclosed the window.Mikey just sat there looking down.

"No..just my bros got into a fight.."He said.You sat next to him wanting to help out your friend.

"You-uh want to talk about it?"You said turing off the T.V.Mikey just nodded his head.(after explanation, same one from Leo.)

"Look,Mikey..Raph just got mad he doesn't hate you nor does Leo,or Donnie..There your brothers..They love ya no matter what!!"You said eating the Pizza that you had got there while he was talking.

Your right..yum..PIZZA"Mikey said his happy demeanor returning!!

"Now"You say clapping your hands together."Who wants to have there butts beat in some video games!!"Giving mikey the second controller.

"Oh nuh-hu Imma going to win!!"Mikey said as you pressed start

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