Umm.. Surprise 3

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You were getting married in a week, and you were showing signs of an early pregnancy... Yep you knew, and so did the rest of the girls.. Donnie didn't know yet, and if he did then you he wouldn't have let you out of his sight when you went for a couples patrol... That's a thing... You wanted to enjoy while you can, and crime was really low at the moment so you thought nothing of it but when the Kranng came and ruined everything.. Here's how it happened..

You and Donnie were roof hopping when you got a little winded "Are you sure you are OK? You have been more and more tired.. More winded lately.." Donnie showing concerned supported you.

"I *huff* am *huff* fine" You pushed off of him to gain your balance. "I *Huff* Need" Donnie ran over to you as you stumbled over your words.

"A-anything" Donnie mumbled lovingly holding you in a tight embrace

But before you could do anything you both heard a thump and robotic like movements.. You and Donnie separated in preparation for battle when the robotic idiots opened their mouthes.

"Kraang must grab the child baring for *deep voice* KRAANG* They advanced toward you as you stumbled back.

"Wha-" Donnie's voice cut through as he hit a Kraang.

"The father of the child must be *Deep voice* eliminated" You pushed a Kraang back as you looked up at the confused turtle.

"Father? Me?" A Kraang grabbed you from behind, holding you tight enough you couldn't escape the iron grasp you were being dragged away.

"Donnie!" You gasped, He looked up in shock then went to action as he ran to your rescue, together you defeated the rest of the Kraang. Now with only broken robot parts around you, you now had to face your worst fear.

"A-are you really with child" A part of you wished that the Kraang took you. "Were, were they correct..?"

"Donnie I meant to tell you!!" You step closer but Donnie looked at you as if you were a bomb ready to implode "I just couldn't find the perfect time to do so!!" He looked as if you just slapped him and called his inventions dumb.

"And!?!" Donnie retorted "Why wasn't the first day you knew a good time, or did you just find out?" His voice cracked

"A week.." You Whispered

"What?" He mumbled you were noise to noise


"No I get it.. Was a baby going to just pop out and you be like 'OH how'd this happen?!?' Or were you just going to leave?" He looked so upset at the fat of you leaving You couldn't find a reason to be mad..

"N-no.. I was going to.. But what if you didn't want a child.. What if you left.. We have been through so much... I wanted it to just be us for a while.." He grabbed you hands as if you would disappear if he didn't...

"It'd always be us.. we are just going.." His watery eyes went wide "..Oh god.. I'm going to be a dad.." He sounded horrified one second then the next "I'M GOING TO BE A DAD" He hoisted you up in a fit of giggles, you were both crying. "I can't wait to met our Donnie JR." He touched your stomach lightly Kissing you.

"We can work on the name later" You laughed as he carried you back to the lair to share the good news.

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