When saves you

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You  were in a cell in the somewhere in the foots data base when you heard foot steps coming.You closed your eyes and let the tears come down when the figure which you now  knew as Karai and the foot boots came and grabbed you ruffly and threw you in the back of a white van.Then you tied up in some rope and they waited on a roof..It was an ambush.

Leo’s prov

He went on the roof where Karai said to meet once there Karai came out with a sly smile.”Hey Leo”She said not laving her spot.

“Where’s (Y/n)!What did you do to her.”He growled pulling out his katan blade.

“You tell me where Hamoto Yoshi is and I give you (Y/n) back,if you refuse she dies!”Karai said as she pulled you out from the dark.Leo gasped at what he saw.You had little cuts on your face and what not he could also tell that you had been crying,and that made him really mad.

“How about I don’t tell where he is and you just give me (Y/n)”He growled taking a step closer Karai made a hand gesture and a thousand foot boots  came from nowhere.He destroyed them out of rage and soon it was just You,Leo,and Karai.

”Fine,you win.”Karai said smiling.Leo came closer and karai stuck a needle in you neck and made you pass out,and karai ran off.

“(Y/N)!!!”Leo screamed running toward your fallen body.Leo then took you to the lair to get you fixed up.


You were tied up,spike or slash had you in his hand..,and now you were waiting for Raph he was the last one you wanted to see right now!You already tried to fight that ended up in you getting beaten half to death.

Raph prov:

He climbed up the fair escape to see slash holding an irritated (Y/n)..”Slash!”He called out to get his attention.He turned smiled and came up to Raph.

“Hey Raphie long time no see.”Slash smiled.

“Don’t Raphie me wheres (Y/n)”He growled reaching for his weapon.

“Fine you join me and I let her live if you refuse..”He said as he drew a vile of mutagen up to your neck

“How about I don’t join you and I just leave with (Y/n) peacefully”He growled.Slash just laughed and  drew the mutagen closer to you.Raph then attacked him without any waring.While they were fighting you escaped  the rope and before you could crawl away slash grabbed you once again and took a step to the edge.

“If I go down your girlfriend goes down with me your choice Raph”Slash taunted.You gave a low growl,getting tired for being a damsel in distress.

“Can’t we just work things out?”Raph said trying to take a step closer to you.Now he wished his brothers were here to help (Even though he won’t say it out loud.)

“Humm it depends what’s in it for me?”He asked as he drew the Mutagen closer to you.Raph had nothing to offer and Slash knew that,but he just wanted a good laugh.”Well I am waiting”.Raph just stood there not sure what to do.”I grow board of waiting Raph!”He said as he stuck the mutagen in your neck and you fell down.

“(Y/N)!”Raph  screamed as he ran to your fallen body.”I am so sorry!This is all my fault if I didn’t get mad at you you wouldn’t have run..”He said as he picked you up.Mumbling how sorry he was.


You were on a table,arms and ankles tied down so you won’t run away..again..They were about to put some needle in your skin when a huge crash came from outside.This made the Kraang draw the needle away from you,as you sighed a breath of relief.Then some went to check on the noise when they got nocked out and the little brain things ran out screeching like the world depended on it.Then a shadow ran in and fought off some Kraang then walked over to you.It was Donnie.

“(Y-y/n)!I am so sorry!”Donnie said taking a step closer to you.”I-i was upset and I took it out on you!”You wanted to cry,laugh,and punch him all at the same time.Though before you could say anything your body went limp.Donnie gasped.

Donnie’s prov:

Her body fell limp her eyes shut..My princess..I felt something turn in my chest,my skin boiled,Rage took over me is, this how Raph fells all the time?!?I went to full ninja mood and as if in a flash all the Kraang bots were gone,and it wouldn’t be long until more came.After I untied her I saw the straps were to tight so they cut in her skin.I then found a fast way to escape and carried my princess bridle style all the way to the lair.


You were tied in a chair when you saw a purple dragon come close to you and brake your phone.You closed your eyes just wishing this nightmare would end.

Mikey Prov 

I went to where i was told to go,and stayed in the shadow when I got jumped by some purple dragons.After a while all the purple dragons had left..Huh that was not as hard as I thought..I went a bit a farther when I saw Fong leaning agents the wall a tooth pick in his mouth..Sort of reminds me of Raph when he goes off as cool for a bad guy.

“Hey turtle…’’said Fong

No one’s Prov:

“Where’s (Y/n)!”Mikey yelled  swinging his nunchuks 

“Oh she’s fine.”Fong said as a light came on and showed you passed out,and tied up in a chair .Mikey gasped at seeing your limp body tied to a chair.”Don’t worry she’s alive,but if you don’t corporate then we’ll put this stuff we found in her.’’Fong said as he held up a vile that he stole from a lab.”Now I don’t know what this does but..”Fong never did finish because Mikey started to attack him in full rage mood.During their battle a few more purple dragons came and Mikey scared them off after he had injured a fem of them,but at the  time he didn’t care because he just wanted you safe.Though Fong some how escaped and put the stuff on you and snuck away.After awhile all the purple dragons had left and Mikey went to untie you.Once he did he went to the lair caring you bridle style,and tears in his eyes.

“Please wake up (Y/n)…This this is all my fault..I’m so sorry.”Mikey said as he took you to Donnie so you could wake up…hopefully.

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