Moving on

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All the girls were more then welcome to stay at the lair, they started training with splinter and they also went to a online school. Though for each girl they realized that their turtles were becoming withdrawn. They wanted to know why they were doing so. This is about how you handled the situation, enjoy😊

You decided that you would wait for Leo in his room and make him tell you why he was acting like this.
   The time was growing near to confront your bf. You felt like backing out but you need to know why he was acting like he was afraid of you. You heard him coming in, once he was in you closed the door and hovered by it.
"Leo we need to talk!" Your heart was racing a mile per min.
" (Y/n) look I don't want to talk about it right now..."
"Leo...Do you hate me?"you asked looking down.
"What (y-y/n) I don't...Why would you even think such a thing?" Leo said as he held your shoulders and left up your head. Tears were coming down your face.
"You just seemed so distant, a-and I thought.."
"(Y/n) after everything that happened to you, I couldn't bare the thought of you being hurt! It was my fault that this happened to you, you got hurt on my watch! I.."
"Leo it wasn't your fault, I told you that I wasn't mad at you." You said he then kissed your head.
" I love you (y/n) never forget that. And I will try harder, promise!"

Raph was in the dojo, that is where he always was at all the time, so you decided that you would catch him there and force him to talk.
  You saw Raph on the punching bag  finishing up.
"Raph, we need to's important" you said. At first he was quite then he sighed and looked at you.
"(Y/n)  look there is nothing here to talk about." Raph said grabbing a sweat towel.
"Raph is my form" you asked as you closed your eyes, and a tear slipped down your face.
"I-I just after everything...I just thought that, no you know what it doesn't matter." Raph came closer to you.
" look what happened to you was my fault, and I want to keep you safe...I think that you are so freaking beautiful, don't think anything different about yourself, and what happened with your parents. Well they are jerks, so yeah!"
"Oh Raph..I just I.." He then pressed his lips to yours
"I love you more then words can describe!"

He spent all his time his lab trying to find a antidote to what happened to you. Everyone else was comfortable with what happened to you but Donnie, was he disgusted with your new form?
You walked in his lab and sat on the chair next to him.
"Yes" Donnie said breaking the silence. Here goes nothing.
"Donnie I know, I know that you must be disgusted with what I look like or mad because of what happened with my parents. I just wanted you to well tell me, the exact reason you are avoiding any commutation with me, or your family." You said as tears ran down your face. Donnie had stopped what he was doing and looked at you.
"(Y/n) I am not 'disgusted' with you at all. What I said about you to your parents was true. I was looking for an antidote because what happened to you was my fault, I want to make it right you deserve better!!" Donnie look like he was about to cry.
" Oh Donnie"you kissed him on the lips" you are better then anyone else! And I like the way I am now!" You said smiling. Donnie smiled back.

Mikey tried to act like nothing changed since your parents, you couldn't shake the feeling like something was off.
"Mikey I need to talk to you." You said looking at him. He was sitting with ice cream kitty, he barely plays his video games anymore.
"Yeah (y/n) what is it"
" just that you have been acting different and I fear it is because me and.."
"Oh sorry it's just that you are a mutant now and you are 1000 times cuter is all to take in, but I do you love you my princess. Also the thing with your parents now well they are just.."
"Yeah total butt-heads." He said as you kissed.
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