When you meet

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You were walking from(f/s). You were mad, because the team lost two games, and they were NOT listing to you at all!!You got so caught up in your thoughts that you forgot to pay attention to where you were going and stumbled apon The purple drogons turf. You were soon pined agenst the wall.                                     

 "Gimme all ya money an' nobody get hurt." a man in ripped jeans and a tube-top growled pointing a gun at your head. Though before you could respond the man was shot off of you.                                                                                                                                

"Are you alright miss?"A huge shadow asked as he put his hand to help you up.                                       

"Y-yes I'm fine..M-may I see your face.." You asked placing your hand in his as you stood back up.                                                                              

"That might be a bad Idea..Besides you'll just run away like everyone else.." The shadow sounded dejected                                              

"No I won't I promise." You were now very detrmened to see why someone would run away from a person in fear.. who just saved them none the less.                                                                                                                                                       

 "Well ok, but I warnd ya."He said steping into the light..He's a turtle!!!and a cute one too.                        "So arent ya going to run,scream,what?" The Turtle in blue asked.                                                               

"Does my hero umm have a name?"You asked walking towards him.                                                               

"Leonardo,but I pefer Leo..and do you have a name?"Leo asked.                                                        

''(Y/n),but you can call me (n/n)" You said.                                                                                                              

"Well (y/n) if your in troble just give me a call.K?"Leo asked as he gave you a papper with his name and phone number on it.


You were pissed because (Bff/n) got you in trouble for something you didn't do!! You just wished that some purple dragons (PD's) would come so you could punch out some stress on them.. You soon found your self surronded by a group of Pd's showed up.                                                                                                                       

"Finaly!!!Thought these guys wouldnt show up."You mumbled as you got into a fighting stance. You took out 2/6 when two pinned you agenst the wall.You were trying to think  of way out when a diffrent figure showed up and took care of all of the pd's!! 

"Hey,I had that!!"You yelled to get the guys attention.                                                                                                      

"Uh a thank you might be in order. Cuz by da looks of it you were geting your butt haned to ya." Said the figure.                                                                                                                                                      

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