Finals!DX (Author's Note)

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WARNING: This author's note looks scary when you glance at the part in italics, but it isn't if you actually read through the whole note. READ IT THROUGH AND YOU WON'T BE MAD I PROMISE:)

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Alrighty, just a heads up everyone, I am entering the most wonderful time of the year (in my case semester) known to the exsistence of man: finals *starts sobbing with despair*. In other words, updating is going to be hard. Like, very hard.

The thing is, I would sit down for a couple hours to write this, but this is the most important chappie in the whole book. It demands time. Like, sit down for six hours and do nothing but write and edit kind of time. I mean, this is the FINALE everyone! It can't be some random little thing like this:

Percy kissed Nico. Nico kissed Percy.

Then everybody died.

THE END *insert random evil laughter*

See? Isn't that a lame ending? Told you so. 

So patience everyone. I PROMISE your wait will be worth it. This next chapter will be quite...interesting...*grins evily*

PICTURE: This is my life...

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