Chapter 16: A Tardy Tartarus? Not Today

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There will be six at the beginning and at the end.

One will be enemy and one will be friend.

A choice be made; heart or mind.

The lover's ears be deaf and eyes be blind.

Misleading will he try to thee.

For much is the Pit God's unease.

For an ancient god will pave.

A looming final path: destroy or save.


Tartarus smirked at the demi-gods, making Percy feel like he was missing something. He never thought the Pit God was anything like this at all. The last time he met him, Tartarus had been arrogant and pissed off. But now he's....cocky? Sarcastic? Percy didn't know how to describe the violent personality change in the ancient god. 

With a cruel smile, he continued to speak. "I presume you six are on a quest to lift the sky?"

No one answered. Nico glared at him, protectively standing in front of Katie, who was siliently freaking out. Annabeth studied the pit god cooly with calculating eyes and Clarisse had her hand gripped tightly on her new and improved electric spear. She kept sneaking glances at the daughter of Athena, an odd expression on her face. Rachel watched Tartarus with narrowed eyes, her red flaming hair making her look angry. 

"I'm going to take that as a yes." Tartarus said with his smirk still firmly planted on his lips, which looked weird on his black-hole of a face.

"What do you want, Tartarus?" Nico asked, sighing.

"It is not your concern." the Pit god answered simply.

"Yes it is!" Katie suddenly spoke up, glaring at the ancient god. Everyone turned to look at the daughter of Demeter. She clenched her fist tightly with obvious anger, no longer trembling with fear.

"Oh, and what makes you think that?" Tartarus asked, his tone as if he was speaking to a child.

Katie gritted her teeth. "You're sick!" She spat at him. "How can you say it's not our concern? You dropped the sky onto the world and killed pretty much the whole entire human race!"

"Because it shouldn't be." Tartarus replied calmly. His pitch black eyes that were hidden by his shades sparkled with amusment.

"HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT!" Katie screeched at him. "MANY OF OUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY DIED BECAUSE OF YOU!" She continued to rant, throwing in a couple f bombs that made everyone flinch and other swears that would make any god turn her into ashes. Percy solemly wished her a good afterlife as she yelled at the powerful being. 

But then Tartarus did something that Percy didn't expect at the slightest: he laughed. His cold, creepy voice echoed in the large room, making everyone wince as the sound bounced back to them. 

"Ahh your too much like her." he said as he wiped black tears from his eyes. Katie glared at him with utter rage and opened her mouth to retort before Nico's hand clamped firmly over her mouth.

"Don't piss him off." Nico whispered with a warning in his voice. "Gods don't take to insults lightly."

The daughter of Athena spoke up. "Like who?" Annabeth asked, eyes narrowed as she calculated the god's every move.

"My wife." Tartarus replied. "Ghea." With a thoughtful expression on his warped face (Haha get it? Warped? No? Im sorry DON'T JUDGE ME! *runs away), he added. "She loved to yell at me." He sighed with a far away look on his face. "Oh, the fights we would get into."

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