Chapter 10: Girl Stuff

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Nico woke in his plush chair on the roof of his cabin, for he had fallen asleep while he was watching the camp. The frightening close sun started to rise into the sky, casting an early morning glow onto the camp. Clouds with colors of pink and purple from the morning sun pressed against the magical boundaries, looking slightly threatening as the magic from Thaila's tree pulsed to keep such a powerful force out.

Rubbing his tired eyes, the son of Hades got to his feet and retrieved his sword that he laid next to his chair. Stuffing his baggie of pomengranite seeds into one of his pockets of his black avaitor jacket, Nico shadow-traveled into his cabin to get his duffel bag. He zipped it closed once he double checked he had what he needed and put the bag on his shoulders. It was easy to carry, for Nico had only put in a change of clothes and other strictly necessary items. Without wondering if he'd ever return, Nico di Angelo left his cabin without looking back once.

Being early, Nico took his time to get to the main house. He casualy strolled down the path, looking around him at the trees and other plant life. For the first time, Nico acually looked relaxed.

But it was too good to be true, for the reality was that Nico Di Angelo was as stressed as he could be. Jason had forced him to tell Percy the truth before they get back from the quest, which he thought was deeply unfair. He didn't have to tell a straight dude that thinks you hate them and that you're striaght you love them.

And there was another problem: Annabeth Chase. Nico wasn't stupid to think that she didn't know. He had noticed the looks she would give him whenever he looked at Percy. After all, she is a daughter of Athena. She was bound to have noticed sometime.

But Nico was deeply disturbed that Clarisse figured it out too. He didn't really talk to her before, and if he did all he would get was a "Shut it, punk." So he didn't really think that Clarisse would take notice of him enough to see his crush on Percy.

'She's suppposed to a be daughter of Ares for crying out loud, not one of those Aphrodite spawns!' NIco thought furiously to himself. 'Its not that obvious . . . right?' Nico pushed that last sentence down his brain towards the discard pile, for he didn't want to think about that.

"It would've been a beautiful day today." a familiar voice said.

Nico whipped around to see the daughter of Demeter standing there, a brown backpack with flowers printed on it slung onto her back. Katie Gardener was looking at Nico with an expectant look in her dirt brown eyes, waiting for a reply.

"I guess." he said, shrugging.

"I loved getting up early to witness these mornings." Katie informed, looking at the way too blue sky. Then she chuckled. "It used to drive my siblings crazy."

Nico wasn't that interested, but he decided to try to keep the conversation going anyways. "Why?"

"Well let's just say they would get an unexpected early start to their day. I may or may not had woken them up to join me on the rooftop to watch the sunrise." Katie said, eyes sparkling with amusment.

"I bet they loved that." Nico said.

"Oh absolutely!" Katie exclaimed sarcastically with teasing. "You should've seen their happy faces."

Soon enough, Nico was starting to enjoy chatting with her. It was nice for him to listen to someone else instead of him doing the talking. Minutes passed without the either of them noticing, and Nico only started to notice their surroundings when they went by the Zeus cabin. Then it suddenly came back to him.

Though he wasn't smiling, Katie still noticed the unhappy look on Nico's face as they walked. She stopped her story and asked. "Hey, are you alright?"

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