Chapter 35: And Six Became Seven

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VIDEO: This song reminds me SO much of Annabeth at the moment. Its really sad, and totally fits. Enjoy!XD


There will be six at the beginning and at the end.

One will be enemy and one will be friend.

A choice be made; heart or mind.

The lover's ears be deaf and eyes be blind.

Misleading will he try to thee.

For much is the Pit God's unease.

For an ancient god will pave.

A looming final path: destroy or save.

Chapter 35:

‘Kill them.’ A voice commanded, cold with no emotion and plain cruelty. ‘Take their wretched lives away.’

‘Never!’ The girl protested, trying to push the evil creature away from her mind. ‘I won’t let you kill my friends!’

The voice laughed an evil laugh, making the older girl whimper. ‘You have no control, Annabeth Chase. Your mind and body is mine now.”

Horrified, Annabeth tried in vain to get rid of the vile thing that had taken over. But the daughter of Athena knew that the being was right: she didn’t have any control of the situation whatsoever. There would be no plans to make, no strategies to create.

All the could do was watch herself kill the people she cared about most.

Slumped with defeat, Annabeth hid in the corner of her mind in retreat, thinking about the past couple weeks. She had to deal with foreign emotions that wasn't hers, emotions that the demons possessing her harbored. It had been absolutely Hades-like, for the daughter of Athena felt overwhelming waves of rage and anger that was impossible to control. Her own thoughts had become darker and darker, her mind becoming bitter with unending envy.

Annabeth had to admit, when she first saw the look on Percy's face when he looked at Nico, she became very jealous and gave Nico a nice hard glare at camp before being possessed. She had lost Luke, and this daughter of Athena wasn't going to lose her second crush.

But as they traveled along the journey in the labyrinth, she started to really think. Did she really need Percy that much? It was obvious he was moving on, and Annabeth soon realized that having a boyfriend that was half-hearted about their relationship is not what she wanted. The truth was, no matter how hard Annabeth could try, there was nothing she could do to change that. So she decided she didn't care anymore.

The monster inside of her tried to convince her against her resolve. "How could you let them get away with their affair?" It asked her, voice slimy and cold to Annabeth's mind. "Your own boyfriend is cheating on you!"

But not even the crazy amount of hate forced upon her could change this demigod's mind. She knew that the wisest thing to do was to let it go, even if it was one of the hardest things she could ever do in her entire life. When Percy became friends with Rachel, Annabeth recalled how she had violently lashed out at the oracle, being as rude and cold as possible. Yet she soon learned that her bitterness was going to solve nothing.

All it did was cause pain and misery, and she has had enough of that for a lifetime.

"You don't get to say anything!!" Annabeth snapped at the monster. "You're using me to kill my friends!"

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