Big Announcement (Author's Note)

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First off, I want to warn you that updating is going to be very hard at the moment. I am at the end of the 1st quarter in school, so things have been piling up like crazy! But anyways, here's the important anouncement I'm going to make:

I am officialy going to be writing An Alternate Live for real. 

Yes, I know I have the cover up and I know its been there for a very long time. And I know I haven't really commited to it yet. But that is now changed: I will write it.

I will write the prolouge soon so that it is officail that I will write the story. I might write the prolouge when To Hold Up The Sky is over (Which is going to be VERY soon btw) or even before that. We'll just have to see:)

Anyways, before I send you off to dawdle away on the wonderful website of wattpad, I want to quickly let you all know some important things about An Alternative Life:

1: It is going to have chaotic plot twists. The ending will probably throw you all off like crazy because its like Cabin In The Woods (An awesome creepy movie with a plot twist ending that's just completly unexpected). Its insane.

2: This is not a demigod book. I would say it is a mortal book, yet it kinda isn't. You'll see why once the book is done.

3: An Alternative Life is going to be a series. Like all my works, it will always have something adventurous happening. And no frickle frackle at all.

4: Its going to be extremely hard to write because there are so many plot elements to the story that can easily have holes in it if I'm not careful. I can kinda get away with it on this story, but not on An Alternative Life. So be patient if I'm updating slowly.

AAAANNNNDDDDD HERE COMES Welp, that's all folks! *Plays bugs bunny music*

Talk to ya all later when I've finally updated!

*Curtain closes*

*...starts packing bags to move to an asuylum (cause I obviously need to be in one) New York* (Hehe, if you don't get this you certain persona that looks like the female version of our super-sized mchizzle, you will soon...) don't judge, this girl has gone through a nice helpful *sarcasm* rollercoaster of stress and exuastion today. Don't judge my epicnessXD

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