Chapter 30: The Headache King Is A Bond Fan

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There will be six at the beginning and at the end.

One will be enemy and one will be friend.

A choice be made; heart or mind.

The lover's ears be deaf and eyes be blind.

Misleading will he try to thee.

For much is the Pit God's unease.

For an ancient god will pave.


A looming final path: destroy or save.



VIDEO: Makes me think of Tartarus:D

Everyone looked at the god who spoke with shock on their faces, not expecting him. Well except Katie.

"Oh it's you." Katie rolled her eyes.

"You got that right." Tartarus replied with a smirk that looked really weird on the pit god. Percy braced himself for a pounding headache that he gets just talking to him. Percy wished that Tartarus would stay cold like he was when he first met the guy. "Miss me?"

"Oh absolutely." Rachel said sarcastically. "We just love it when you drop by unexpectedly."

Tartarus laughed his creepy cold laugh, making involuntary shivers go down the spines of the seven. The god's eyes turned colder, signaling a change in him. "You mock me, hero. I don't take likely to those who disrespect me."

Percy took everything back. He wanted the other Tartarus back, right now.

"Well that's too bad!" Katie yelled, glaring at the pit god. "We don't care what you think! You're just some batty old god who thinks he can..." Her voice faltered when she saw all the panicked looks on everyone's faces from her outburst. She apparently didn't notice Tartarus's change in mood, and visibly gulped at the black holes boring into her.

"I was feeling merciful." Tartarus stated, fury clear in his voice. "But now..."

But before the pit god could continue, a large dog chew toy smacked him in the face and squeaked as it hit its target.

Stating the obvious, Clarisse screamed, "RUN!"

Taking off as fast as they could, the seven raced down the corridor, leaving the very pissed off Tartarus behind. Percy looked over at Nico, who had a determined look on his face as he ran. The son of Poseidon could see the gears turning in his brain, making him wonder what he was thinking. Was Nico thinking about the nightmares Cupid gave him?

"Hurry up seaweed brain!" Annabeth yelled, shaking the older demigod out of his thoughts and grabbed his hand, tugging him along. Apparently they weren't in the mood to chat with him. Percy couldn't blame them at all, for neither was he.

"We lost him." Octavian panted, stopping to rest for a moment. Percy couldn't help but think that the Roman Oracle spoke too soon as an evil voice echoed down the corridor.

"You speak too soon, demigod." Tartarus sneered way to close behind them. "We have unfinished business to discuss."

"I'm not a business man!" Percy yelled back at the pit god.

Tartarus hissed with annoyance. "You are going to pay for your clever words, Percy Jackson!"

"Well I just went bankrupt!" Percy retorted, mentally adding another powerful god to the list of people out to get him. The older demigod was only one away from making the wonderfully fantastic number of 100 enemies. Hurrah for that.

"Argh!!!!" Tartarus yelled, throwing his hands up in the air like a girl on a rampage. "Don't do that!" He whined.

"Join the club." Nico muttered under his breath.

"Hey!" Percy whine at Nico. "I thought you were on our side Nico!" He pouted, making the son of Hades internally awe.

"He's got a point though." Nico said to partly tease the older demigod. But he couldn't help but know that it was true. Percy was a smarty pants.

"But-" Percy was cut off by Katie rushing over to them, taking their hands, and dragging the protesting teens away.

"Stop bickering like an old married couple!" Katie scolded.

Well that shut them up.

And not to mention Tartarus suddenly standing right in front of them.

"You can never escape me demigods." Tartarus boasted like the classic bad guy, making Percy wonder if he had watched too many action movies. "I always win."

"Oh yea?" Percy shot back. He brought out his pen and uncapped it, the bronze gleaming in the light. "Then you're overdue." With that, Percy charged at him like a boss, his sword raised in the air epically.  

That was by far the most stupid thing he had done in his whole entire life.

Tartarus laughed as Percy charged at him, eyebrows raised (at least Nico thought they were, seeing as the god had none). The pit god easily swatted him aside, making Nico and Annabeth yell, "Percy!" at the same time. Annabeth's eyes were filled with so much emotion, looking as if the world had ended. Nico couldn't blame her.

Percy got to his feet as fast as he could, wincing as his cracked ribs throbbed painfully. He raised Riptide into a defensive position, ready for another attack.

Tartarus watched him recover from the blow with his red eyes gleaming with amusement. "Surrender, Percy Jackson. You can never beat me."

Suddenly, Percy leapt forward, his bronze blade meeting black iron."You expect me to stop?"

Tartarus's eyes flashed with laughter. "No Mr. Jackson, I expect you to die!" (If you get the reference, you get a dedication:D)

And that's when he was blinded by a flash of light.

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