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The One That Got Away (Percico) by percysconstellation
The One That Got Away (Percico)by percysconstellation
Internet Friends (Percico) by percysconstellation
Internet Friends (Percico)by percysconstellation
"Distance means so little when someone means so much."
Finding Love in the Magic by milk_shake50
Finding Love in the Magicby milk_shake50
Percy and Annabeth had a good run, but when Percy breaks up with Annabeth because the old sparks died out what does this mean for a certain son of Hades? Hecate has requ...
A New Life to Live (PJO FF) by novaskull99
A New Life to Live (PJO FF)by wannadieinahole
Percy Jackson left his camp to wander around the world. His journey was quickly shortened when a mysterious man offers him a place away from earth. After all he's been t...
Alternative Love by daughter_of_olympus
Alternative Loveby Darkness Will Rise
What if when Nico told Percy that he wasn't his type, Percy actually broke? What if Percy was actually gay, and Annabeth was helping him hide the fact because he was obv...
It'll never happen (a Pernico/Percico fanfiction) by Rezelda
It'll never happen (a Pernico/ Rezelda
When the unthinkable becomes something magical
Something Unexpected (Percy Jackson Fan Fiction) by alexinthebathroom
Something Unexpected (Percy alexinthebathroom
Nico di Angelo and Percy Jackson High School AU. (Completed) cover cred to viria on tumblr I suck at descriptions but I've gotten good reviews so I guess I'm kind of goo...
No One Ever Tells Me That They're Proud (Percy Jackson) by blackbeltbek
No One Ever Tells Me That They' Becky May
I mean, it wasn't planned, but that's not a bad thing. Sometimes it's better to just go with the flow and live with how life is going. That's what Percy and Nico did aft...
From Now On (Percico) by mascarolinee
From Now On (Percico)by caroline
After the war, Nico had fled camp to escape his feelings. But when he's taken by his father after a favor is refused, he's saved and brought back to camp by the person h...
Nightclub Madness by SuperwholockPJO
Nightclub Madnessby SuperwholockPJO
Percy and Nico meet in a nightclub. It may not be the way the wanted it to be. [AU]
Flawless - Percico/Pernico/Perico - Percy and Nico by goodbyetuesday
Flawless - Percico/Pernico/ K
Um yeah spoilers of you haven't read House of Hades but I mean who hasn't Anyway I found the who Nico/Percy thing absolutely adorable even though I love Annabeth/Perc...
Nico's Demons by chewielovergirl
Nico's Demonsby Rylee Schmidt
Nico pisses off the wrong person and ends up revealing his 6 different personalities Percy has to help him out or the darkest personality will take over all of Camp Hal...
Evil in the eye #percico by IAmNotOnFlames
Evil in the eye #percicoby Noshay di Angelo
Percy pushed Nico against the solid wall of his bedroom " You're mine Nico , MINE !!! " said Percy in a deep tone . The words made Nico shiver in desire and lu...
Annabeth knows all by DrowningInMyShips
Annabeth knows allby DrowningInMyShips
In which Annabeth knows all of your secrets even before you figure them out yourself. Percico. Pretty much everyone is gay. Except for Frazel. They're my babies. ...
I Can't Do This Anymore (Percy Jackson) by blackbeltbek
I Can't Do This Anymore (Percy Becky May
It was all bullshit. You don't come out of war unaffected. Nobody does. You can't walk out of hell without it leaving a mark. It's never the same. There's just no coming...
My ghost king by Halfcrez
My ghost kingby Julek
Percy Jackson has never noticed Nico Di Angelo, then again no one has. But after a encounter Percy realizes he has found his one and only
Pernico One-shots  by boyxboy_lover1
Pernico One-shots by boyxboy_lover1
Different oneshots staring Nico Di Angelo. All story concepts are mine just not the characters.
We Could (Percico) by blackbeltbek
We Could (Percico)by Becky May
After a long year of events, everyone returns to Camp Half Blood. For a first, though, there's nothing to worry about except their own problems. Which, is fine, until th...
SpellBound by LonleyDarkLord
SpellBoundby LonelyDarkLord
Nico didn't mean for all of that to happen, but it seems like each time he uses his gift from Aphrodite, he likes it more. Now, with the power slowly corrupting him and...
Percico/Pernico [Completed] by PanicAtTheAliceee
Percico/Pernico [Completed]by alice ™
Typical percico/pernico, this is the second percico, I deleted the first one, it was that bad...enjoy I guess...