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Ok, so I am thinking of starting a small book called An Alternative Story. Its going to be in the point of view of Nico with Biancia in it. Also, in the next book, there will be PERCICO. So here's what I'd put in the description:

Nico has only had one friend thoughout his life: his older sister Biancia. Living as orphans, Nico couldn't ask for more than that. But when his older sister hops on a plane for a school frield trip, the plane myteriously disappears, leaving Nico devastated. Nico thought that things couldn't get worse. Too bad was he wrong.

Three weeks after the plane crash, Biancia's ghost suddenly starts following him, driving Nico to the edge of sanity. Feeling as though his heart is slowly ripping apart, Nico faces impossible desisons that he fears he can't cope with. But deep within his mind, the younger teen begins to wonder if there's more going on than what the eye can tell. 

AUTHOR'S NOTE (really, REALLY important, JUST READ IT) :

I wanted to tell you all what inspired my story, so this is what happened: I had a dream about my twin brother dying. What happened in the dream is that my brother was in a plane crash and started to haunt me. It was the saddest dream I have EVER had. He would bother me in school all day, and then he'd prompt me to start singing improve duets with him when we were walking home (we seriously do that, don't ask my brother and I are weird).

But the one of the worst parts was that I knew that everyone on the plane is dead, but nobody else knew.

After all, it wasn't like I would walk up to my mom and dad and say, "Hey, guess what! So you know how Jay's plane mysteriously dissapeared? Well guess what, he's dead! And you know how I know? Cause his ghost happens to be stalking me!" Yea...heh

But do you know what was the hardest thing in that dream? I had to ask my twin brother to let me go. I asked him to leave and never return so I could move on. And that was the hardest thing I had ever done in my dream.

There would be no more duets. No more random british history facts that he loved to spew at me. None. And that scared me shitless.

So moral of the story, keep your loved ones close and cherish the time you have with them. Cause you never know, it could happen.

Yea, so thats the end of the longest author's note I have ever done. PLEASE TELL ME IF YOU LIKE THIS IDEA! 

Thats gonna be my update for today, so yea, um, I'll update soon. Thanks for reading!

-Rosie (Wavedream623)

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