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Hostiles (BWWM) *REWRITE* by HathorRao
Hostiles (BWWM) *REWRITE*by ElachiRavora
Five years and eighty two days, that was how long it had been since she left him. Greek Tycoon Dionysius Plutarch has endlessly plotted and planned his revenge on the wo...
  • wmbw
  • relationship
  • african
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Am I Evil?... by -skies-
Am I Evil? -skies-
An evil man was executed and seal for eternity. ... 100 years later A young boy was killed as a sacrifice because he was believed to be an omen to his family. His sacrif...
  • torture
  • yaoistory
  • volience
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To Hold Up the Sky (Percico/Pernico) by Wavedream623
To Hold Up the Sky (Percico/ Evil AuthorXD
This Story takes place after the war with Gaea, when Nico is 16. Tartarus gets bored with his domain and decides to mess stuff up in the over-world by sucking up Atlas's...
  • plot
  • toholdthesky
  • awesomevillians
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Tweek X Craig  by sideney
Tweek X Craig by Distinguishedrunawaymiracle
Tweek is scared of many things. However above all he is scared of his best friend not returning his feeling and rejecting him. Thank God he doesn't know... until certain...
  • buttersstotch
  • completed
  • creek
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Snapshots | ✓ by zmlorenz
Snapshots | ✓by zmlorenz
Micah Lauzier doesn't really need a new roommate. His finances are stretched a bit thinner than he would like without one, but it's not like he has the time to do much o...
  • slowbuild
  • completed
  • happilyeverafter
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The Path to A Warrior's Heart (Pyrrha X Weak !malereader) by sunbros
The Path to A Warrior's Heart ( Sunbros
Abused and alone you live day to day, but what happens when fate takes notice of you? This is a slow-paced love story about facing oneself and the long journey to find...
  • love
  • rubyrose
  • rwby
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The Veltina Sisters by dramatic_sue
The Veltina Sistersby Shernira.H
Kate was a quiet child, never made a fuss when she was discontent and never expressed anger when things didn't go her way. She was a child who found it difficult to expr...
  • mage
  • school
  • twins
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Corrupted Innocence (Slow Updates) by pro_writer_444
Corrupted Innocence (Slow Updates)by Ip04
When Deku fails to save his closest friend; when Deku loses the only family he has, what will he do? What horrors will he unleash upon the world? I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING B...
  • shototodoroki
  • mha
  • izukumidoriya
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A Letter Drenched in Your Tears by ginmush13
A Letter Drenched in Your Tearsby Sagita Arundanti
This is my revised version of a short story written in around 2009. A girl in her New Adult age is a fan of astronomy and has been going back and forth to the city from...
  • romance
  • slowpaced
  • stargazing
Keep It (MinChan)  by minchanberi
Keep It (MinChan) by unofficial chan
"If you found out that you were dying, would you be nicer? Would you like to try something new, something you always wanted to do? Would you change the way you're l...
  • straykids
  • mentionsofdeath
  • banginho
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Tangent by littlemao
Tangentby XiaoMao
Wu Ming Er has been living alone for 2 years and he is good at taking care of his own self. But Gu Wang Yi came to take over the job suddenly. Against his will, Gu Wang...
  • slowpaced
  • boyxboy
  • chinesebl
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Reincarnated as a Zombie in Another World by Zushikina-kun
Reincarnated as a Zombie in Brix Arquisal Directo
A sudden accident has taken the life of Mononobe Yuuto but after his death he encounter a beautiful woman in his dream and saying that she's a goddess and will grant him...
  • kindmc
  • heart-warming
  • opmc
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going down the rabbit hole by AlunaGray
going down the rabbit holeby AlunaGray
In which Hatake Kakashi blames rabbits, gets reborn as a girl, and breaks the laws of time, space and dimension. Crack treated seriously. AU. Under huge revision.
  • fanfiction
  • reborn
  • slowpaced
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Perils Of Night by code020
Perils Of Nightby Code Jady
Kyle Kincaid has everything one can wish for, looks to woo any girl he wants, brains enough to be called 'top' student, unending riches from two influential parents,a pe...
  • heist
  • secretsociety
  • delinquents
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In Love With My Best Friend by dlowmaster
In Love With My Best Friendby James D
It's all fun and games until Puberty hits. I wonder how it affects two best friends who have known each other since birth?
  • slowpaced
  • adventure
  • mature
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Drowning(Hiatus) by ZombieCrap
Drowning(Hiatus)by YOLO
"It was a starry night. I blinked away the moist blur in my eyes and marveled at the beauty that stretched before me. A small country town away from the noise and h...
  • merman
  • mystery
  • romance
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Faded Fire { A Grillster FanFiction } by FanfictionNerd160
Faded Fire { A Grillster just-a-nerdy-girl
after years, when Gaster, Asgore's royal scientist, fell in the core, everyone just seemed to forget about him. Well, Almost everyone. Grillby, a fire e...
  • grillbyxgaster
  • eventuallyfluff
  • fanfiction
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dinosaur king by Ironprime100
dinosaur kingby Ironprime100
Ezra was a normal kid till he saw a what looked like a meteor and found something special. P.s for dinosaur king fan's
  • triceratops
  • action
  • slowpaced
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.Blinded. by NotSoGreat278
#19 ✖️Aliferous✖️
Eyes are windows to the soul. Everyone has a least, Naira doesn't think so. Naira Belle Jones thinks she's was destined to be forever alone since she didn...
  • romanticsuspense
  • selflove
  • different
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Ride or Die ❤️ by kewessaauba655
Ride or Die ❤️by kewessaauba655
Raven's life was as perfect as it could get. She had the perfect family. Well, almost. After losing her parents in a plane accident, she was almost certain she wasn't go...
  • boxer
  • romance
  • love
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