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【1】My Fate in Another World is Up to Me by Kazuyuuki95
【1】My Fate in Another World is 🌈MtLTranslation👬
Author: Su Bei/蘇北 Category: Danmei novels Status: 839 chapter Introducing: Su Ziyi has always believed: Life is only a few decades long, so you can be happy no matter ho...
Allea by itsRujihere
Alleaby Ruji
[Part 1 | Completed ✓] Allea's life can be summed up in one word; waste. Looking back all she saw was a girl running behind things, things that never belonged to her. T...
MIXED UP, vance hopper by adorevance
MIXED UP, vance hopperby ☆
'feeling so confused, don't know what to do, afraid she might not love you anymore' | vance hopper x fem! reader | in which! y/n l/n and vance hopper form an unlikely bo...
To Hold Up the Sky (Percico/Pernico) by Wavedream623
To Hold Up the Sky (Percico/ Evil AuthorXD
This Story takes place after the war with Gaea, when Nico is 16. Tartarus gets bored with his domain and decides to mess stuff up in the over-world by sucking up Atlas's...
Naruto: My Unique System by Cloew23
Naruto: My Unique Systemby Cloe22
Sakamoto Tatsuma found himself transmigrated as a war orphan in the world of Naruto, where he quickly realized his seemingly limited potential to become a ninja. Just as...
One Decision by theoleslie
One Decisionby angelwho?
"Why don't you let something cross that face of yours?" This guy was tough work. And that made me even more determined. "Do you have any idea how humiliat...
Messiah GXG : BOOK ONE (Completed) The Other Side Of The Game Series  by Honesty577
Messiah GXG : BOOK ONE (Completed) MELANATED39
Messiah Voodum, westside Queenpin, is well known as one of the biggest names in the drug game, so much so that the mere mention of marijuana comes with the calling of he...
Our Sweet Days (M/M Interstellar A/B/O) by WOODWINGED
Our Sweet Days (M/M Interstellar Florence (he/him)
His fiancé stolen by his (supposedly) kind-hearted and merciful younger brother, Sun Fang decides to take the high road. (To the surprise of everyone who's ever known hi...
The Veltina Sisters by Dramatic_S
The Veltina Sistersby Dramatic_S
Kate was a quiet child, never made a fuss when she was discontent and never expressed anger when things didn't go her way. She was a child who found it difficult to expr...
LOYALTY by TheKayStoriez
LOYALTYby TheKayStoriez
" Whatever happened in my past doesn't matter anymore . My loyalty belongs to you now. " Two people who were worlds apart but fate brought them together. Both...
Tweek X Craig by sideney
Tweek X Craigby Distinguishedrunawaymiracle
Tweek is scared of many things. However above all he is scared of his best friend not returning his feeling and rejecting him. Thank God he doesn't know... until certain...
Kimetsu No Yaiba AU - Butterfly Of Change by Yang_Kun
Kimetsu No Yaiba AU - Butterfly Ara Ara Cultist
This is an alternative universe and sequel of my other book "Kimetsu no Yaiba - Twin Butterfly" in Kimetsu town, taken from Naoto (OC) point of view. Telling a...
Petals (An Interactive Story) by TheAngryAuthor3
Petals (An Interactive Story)by TheAngryAuthor3
Is it better to have loved and lost, or to never have loved all all? --- 16+ Suggestive Themes, Suicidal Mentions --- Interactive! Credit to Alilynx!
The Silence Of A Nocturnal Seranade || A Yandere Story by Mochi_De_Llama
The Silence Of A Nocturnal °MochiDeLlama°
Memories were nothing more than lost pieces of tattered sorrow, a hazy past chipped away until little more was recognized...other than him. It stung more than his sweet...
The Wolf Of The Night by LushandDeluded
The Wolf Of The Nightby Chichi
Dara is the willful and intelligent firstborn of Ned and Catelyn. When her father tells her about her betrothal to Joffrey Baratheon, heir to the throne her world change...
addicted to you~ by JoyfulNightmares
addicted to you~by N!G|-|Tm@R€
19 year old girl Charlie stepped foot into her new University after becoming an exchange student only to meet her future love. 21 year old boy Kayden is the popular boy...
𝑻𝒊𝒍𝒍 𝒅𝒆𝒂𝒕𝒉 by ellies_moondust
𝑻𝒊𝒍𝒍 𝒅𝒆𝒂𝒕𝒉by ellie
In the midst of divine chaos, a group of teens are forced into a reality they hadn't anticipated at all, stripped of their youth and forced to endure the wrath of a soci...
[BL] Guardians of Fate by Rainflowers94
[BL] Guardians of Fateby Rainflowers
[I waited for you my entire life... and you were worth every minute.] Ardyn Lowell normally forgets his dreams. He's a normal young adult who has good friends and a happ...
The Return of the Void Dragon by SantaCarnyte
The Return of the Void Dragonby Carnyte
After saving Milim, his beloved niece. Rimuru revival brought new surprises and the family of {True Dragons} are surprised brought new surprises and major changes to the...
A starlit break with an assassin by ImQuirklesS
A starlit break with an assassinby Noela
Gon is becoming too much for Ging and Aunt Mito to handle, and is told he must attend boarding school. Heartbroken, Gon decides to flee and stay with Killua up in the Zo...