It's Official...I'm a Terrible Human Being (Author's Note)

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I bet you all are wondering, "Why in Hades name (Yep gonna say it @SuperwholockPJO!XD) is she not undatin her story?!" Well, its time for the truth to be revealed:

Its because I got too addicted writing this story during the very worst time.

You see, I'm not like the rest of you awesome demigod peoples; I'm a morning person.It takes a huge fascination for me to stay awake, and I have to force myself to sleep another hour after six(Which I fail miserably at).

So in conclusion to that wonderful fact, I write the best in the mid-morning. And I think you guys know exactly where one certain evil-author is plotting away during the time of second-breakfast (Bringing in the Lord of The Rings references!XD): In the midst of the chaos that is our good old typical High School.

With that terrible habit not in check, my work's been a slipin' at schoolio, SO I've had to make my school ipad (yes my schools dumb and gave all of us kiddos ipads. Idk why they thought that was a good idea-_-) NOT be charged ON PURPOSE.

The purpose of that is just so that I don't have that temptation of writing this wonderful story when I should be makin' A's appear from the sky like rainbows on steroids *sighs at expectations of my peps that's too smart for their own good*.


I have found another time IN THE MORNIN that I can write this fantastic story, so expect an update this week! If I don't for some stupid reason, feel free to throw pomegranates at my face!XD #misspell Nico's symbol of foodie goodness like a pro <--- (2017 edit) Not anymore pal congrats you upgraded your English skills in like, 4 years

On that note, I gotta question for you wonderful peps:

QUESTION: If you like this story, what makes it enjoyable to ya? OR What your favorite way to wear rainbows?:P

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