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Behind The Sea | Percy Jackson Mpreg *REDOING*  by ultmusic
Behind The Sea | Percy Jackson ultmusic
(Redoing!) Percy Jackson started acting weird. But what does the goddess Aphrodite (Mother goddess) have to do with this? (This story does not belong to me but to its r...
Percico One Shots by obanaisupermacy
Percico One Shotsby obanaisupermacy
Fluff Smut Angst All of the Above one shots stories
To Hold Up the Sky (Percico/Pernico) by Wavedream623
To Hold Up the Sky (Percico/ Evil AuthorXD
This Story takes place after the war with Gaea, when Nico is 16. Tartarus gets bored with his domain and decides to mess stuff up in the over-world by sucking up Atlas's...
The 50th Hunger Games [A Percico AU] by Vexonix
The 50th Hunger Games [A Percico - Scorpius -
The 50th hunger games - The year where the capital decided two boys from each district would get reaped and thrown into a battle to the death against twenty two other bo...
I Will Try To Fix You (Percy Jackson Fan Fiction) [Pernico] by GlassPaperSkyscraper
I Will Try To Fix You (Percy Kayla
Summary- Percy had been lost for a couple months... again. Now, this time Hera has no idea and no part of this. Yet, apparently Aphrodite knows something about this. So...
Paint Blood on My Stars by HellToFanWannabe
Paint Blood on My Starsby HellToFanWannabe
The stars were always watching. Always, even in the dead of the night, in a forest, staring, as the dead-weight was pressed into the arms of a helplessly grieving Italia...
PJ/HP Crossover  by JangeloDrarry
PJ/HP Crossover by JangeloDrarry
Percy Jackson/Harry Potter Crossover Percy and Nico were fighting monsters when a portal opened up under them and they fell. Hecate gave them all the information they n...
Broken Promises (A percico/pernico fanfic) by dispiritment
Broken Promises (A percico/ dispiritment
UNEDITED AND INCOMPLETE. CURRENTLY UNDERGOING REWRITE BEFORE I CONTINUE. Okay, I've moved the rating down. It's actually not that graphic (I mean gore sense), but if yo...
Destined by HopeDiAngelo
Destinedby Hope Di Angelo
Hi. This is my first work ever, therefore, please excuse my sorry butt for being unexperienced. So, here goes nothing: Nico felt somewhat empty as he walked towards Wil...
Percico/nercy by _sister_of_nyx_
Percico/nercyby Daughter_of_Hades
An au of the book series Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Heros Of Olympus. Written by Rick Riordan Work in progress
PJ/LOTR Crossover  by JangeloDrarry
PJ/LOTR Crossover by JangeloDrarry
Percy Jackson/Lord of the Rings Crossover!!! Percy x Nico Percy was betrayed. I will tell you more in the sort of 1st chapter. Other pairings will also be told in 1st...
Percy Jackson One Shots by GlassPaperSkyscraper
Percy Jackson One Shotsby Kayla
I ship. Pernico (Percy and Nico), Prason (Percy and Jason), Percabeth (Percy and Annabeth), Frazel (Frank and Hazel), Jiper (Jason and Piper), Leico (Leo and Nico), Pipa...
Precico At Hogwarts  discontinued due to authors death, ending is written by naomiyigzaw
Precico At Hogwarts naomiyigzaw
Takes place after the giant war and during the goblet of fire (we're going to age everyone up to 15-16) Annabeth and Percy broke up because turns out that Annabeth wasn'...
PercyxNico by nicodiangelina
PercyxNicoby nicodiangelina
idk i felt like writing a few headcanons of mine and i put them here, adios xx.
DW/PJ Crossover!!! by JangeloDrarry
DW/PJ Crossover!!!by JangeloDrarry
Doctor Who/Percy Jackson Crossover!!! Doctor #'s: 9-12 Percy x Nico!!!! Chaos is Percy's real mother cuz why not. Percy has always felt like he never really belonged...
Demigods: Percico Heathers AU by Vexonix
Demigods: Percico Heathers AUby - Scorpius -
Nico di Angelo has transferred over to Half-Blood High where he meets the Demigods - Jason Grace, Leo Valdez, and Frank Zhang. But oh, those three aren't the only three...