Chapter 2: Food Problems

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"Wake up!" a voice yelled at him desperately. "Come on Nico, I need you to get up!"

"I just got here last night." Nico whined tiredly to the person trying to take his precious sleep away.

"Nico!" the voice complained, "Come on!" When Nico didn't reply, the voice added, "This is really urgent, please I need you out of bed!"

Nico found out this person was willing to touch him to get him up, for he felt a warm hand roll him onto the floor.

That was it. Nobody could get away with touching this son of Hades without some punishment. He got to his feet sleepily and did his signature death glare, intending for his waker to be scared out of his mind. But when Nico saw who it was, his glare faltered. "...Percy?"

"We're going to be late! " said Percy. A blush creeped onto Nico's face as he realized that it was Percy who had touched him. And, of course, Percy just HAD to notice. Or so he thought.

"Do you have a fever or something?" the seaweed brain asked, concern laced into his voice.

Nico nearly laughed out loud at that. "No." he replied, making it sound like the most obvious thing in the world.

But it seemed that Percy didn't notice or care about Nico's attitude. Not waiting for Nico to rub all the sleep from his eyes, the son of Poseidon said with great enthusiasm, "Let's go!" He turned and left, leaving Nico to race after him.

By the time Nico caught up with Percy, they were already at the dining pavilion. Why did Percy bring him here? Isn't there something important that he was woken up for? "Lets get some breakfast!" said Percy, piling his plate with every kind of food that was blue. Since the cooks knew Percy was a blue fan, they had made lots of the food abnormally blue, just for him. Nico didn't have to guess how Percy got the cooks to do that for him. He saved the world twice already, and if he didn't deserve to have blue food made for him every day, nobody did.

But when Nico realized that he had not woken up for anything important, the son of Hades wasn't going to allow Percy to get away with this. "You woke me up to have breakfast?" he yelled, seriously annoyed with Percy's good intentions.

"Yep." Percy said, adding more blue food to his enormous stack threatening to spill over. Nico was tempted to tell Percy to take an extra two plates with him whenever he ate.

But Nico was too tired to eat much. He didn't put anything on his plate until they reached the fruit section. The only food the son of Hades could force himself to eat was the pomegranates, so he dumped the fruit on his plate. He turned to sit at his table, satisfied with the food he chose to eat. But he was very surprised to find Percy sitting at the Hades table with him, earning him and Percy a few glances.

"...Aren't you supposed to sit at your own table?" Nico asked, a little skeptical. He didn't want Percy to get in trouble for trying to do good deeds. Stupid Percy, shouldn't he know any better?

"Nah, they'll live with it." Percy answered, grinning. "It's no fun sitting by myself."

"Oh. Ok." Nico said, not knowing what to say to that. They were getting venomous looks from the campers and the counselors as Percy stayed at Nico's table for more than a minute. Nico wondered who Percy had referred to when he said "they" will live with it, for the whole camp didn't seem too happy with Percy breaking the rules.

Percy frowned, looking at Nico's nearly empty plate with concern. He sighed. "Nico, the point of getting you out of bed earlier today was so you could eat, not starve."

"I am." Nico said defensively, pointing at the pomegranate seeds. "See? I ate one of those!"

Percy raised his eyes skeptically. "You call that eating? Thats nibbling."

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