Chapter 37: Tartarus's Mask Shatters

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There will be six at the beginning and at the end.

One will be enemy and one will be friend.

A choice be made; heart or mind.

The lover's ears be deaf and eyes be blind.

Misleading will he try to thee.

For much is the Pit God's unease.

For an ancient god will pave.

A looming final path: destroy or save.

Chapter 37:

Tartarus glared at the demigods with all his might, eyes flaring with frustration. "This has gone too far demigods!" He spitted out of his mouth in anger.

"No Tartarus!" Annabeth faced him, her stormy-grey eyes glaring hard to the pit god. "You are the one who has crossed the line." She trembled with rage. "You forced me to kill Katie and mortally wound Percy!"

"I did." Tartarus's expression turned from frustration to glee. "Oh that was fun to order! The girl was getting on my nerves."

"Only because she was so much like the former Gaea." Annabeth retorted.

Tartarus raised an eyebrow (or at least thats what it looked like). "Are you seriously that the ridiculous girl is like your former greatest enemy?"

"Yes." Annabeth replied. "Gaea wasn't always like the way she is now." The daughter of Athena was on a roll. "She was beaten by her husband the sky so badly that you want revenge, don't you Tartarus. "

"Enough of this silly talk!" Tartarus boomed. He drew out his sword, which hummed with darkness like Nico's sword. "I will eradicate you annoying demigods once and for all!"

"Are you sure about that Tartarus?" Annabeth questioned. "You can stop your act now."

"My act?!" Tartarus's voice became outraged. "This is not an act!"

Everyone watched the quarrel with wide eyes. Annabeth and Tartarus faced each other face-to-face, her legs slightly shaking from anger and fear. It was getting intense, and no one had a clue what they were talking about. 'What does she mean by an act?' Rachel and Octavian whispered to each other. Nico, too tired to speak, shone with the blessing of Cupid, holding the sky for much longer than any normal demigod could. He looked down at Percy, whose breathing was short and shallow. At least he was alive.

"You don't care about crushing the world." Annabeth pointed out. "You just care about waking Uranos."

"Stop this!" Tartarus cried, but it was too late. She had figured it all out.

"Your effort in stopping us was half-hearted. You didn't really want to kill us because you need us." The daughter of Athena continued.

"Why would I need you? Stop making ridiculous assumptions fool!" Tartarus yelled. His eyes darted back and forth in fear, obviously caught.

"Matter of fact, you've had this all planned out." Annabeth told him. "You wanted us to figure this out on our own."

"I've heard enough!" The pit god screeched. He raised his sword. "You will pay for your irritating yapping!"

Annabeth glanced at the sword, but otherwise stayed calm (other than the slight trembling in her legs). She took the backpack off of her shoulders and pulled out a familiar lighting-cylinder bursting with electricity. "You needed us to retrieve the last piece of the puzzle: Zeus's master lightning bolt."

Tartarus stared. "You shouldn't have that. I specifically told your possessor to stop that from happening."

"Wrong. You wanted us to get this." Annabeth rebuttled. "The fates, who you had possessed, hid the bolt so that Percy and Nico would find it. You had the corridor collapse so that they would be separated from us and find it without me there." Annabeth looked into his eyes. "Everything has worked perfectly, and now all you need is the bolt to wake the sky god."

Tartarus looked at her for a moment. Then he started to laugh, this laugh completely different from any other: it was real. "Well done Annabeth Chase. You have uncovered my true intent." He sniffed. "Acting like a complete lunatic has been SUCH a bore."

"You do like your acting." Annabeth commented warily. Everyone gaped as they watched the daughter of Athena suddenly smile lightly. "Especially when you've been bored and anxious for such a long time."

"Yes, it took forever to convince the gods and titans that I was to be feared, even though they knew of my power." Tartarus sighed. "I hate having acting like the big bad villain all the time.

"You were famous for your acting as a mortal before you became a god. You fell in love with Gaea while you were human." The daughter of Athena pointed out.

"Yes." Tartarus admitted. "I did. When I found out exactly who she was and what the mongrel was doing to her, I decided to make myself just as powerful."

"You met the fates and convinced them to rule Tartarus." Annabeth continued.

"They were so eager to be wooed that it was painfully easy." The pit god shook his head, lost in his mind. "What idiotic old ladies!."

Annabeth took advantage of his distracted self and started to slowly tip-toe towards a spot she had picked out in her mind. "But when you faced Uranos he didn't take lightly to your plans. He beat Gaea until she became insane, so when he fell asleep you were left with a ruthless goddess to look after."

The pit god nodded absently. "It was miserable. I sided with her in battle and acted ruthless to fit the image she needed. When she was put asleep it was almost a relief."

"But you still love her." Annabeth pointed out. She eyed a spot in the distance and smiled to herself. It was perfect for her needs.

"Why else would I wake Uranos?" The ancient god chuckled. "You are one smart daughter of Athena."

'Too smart for your own good.' Annabeth thought to herself.

Tartarus didn't notice Annabeth hurl the lightning bolt to where Katie's body lay until it was too late.

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