'Later mute"

"Ugly freak"

Those were the names me and my best friends Dima and Luther (lui) were called as we made our way out of school and to the woods. Unlike everyone else we have our own means of transportation. You see my name is Ember and I'm the youngest daughter of the moon goddess. Which makes me the princess and my two best friends my personal warriors. We are half wolf half angels giving us the abilities to fly.

No one in this pack besides the current Alpha and Luna knows who I am. When we just moved here our assignments were to secretly watch over the pack but overtime our mission changed now we are here to watch over and protect this pack from an upcoming rouge war. No one knows when the war is going to happen besides my mom the moon goddess herself.

When the war is going to happen she will inform us when we should come out of our disguise and let the pack know who we are. When the war does happen we are gonna be responsible for training the packs on how to fight.

"Okay guys we are far enough from the school we can go now" Dima said

''alright" we replied and just like that we took off flying. Running it take 20 minutes to reach our house but flying it take seven to ten minutes tops. "Omg I'm so tired" lui shouted as he landed making his way inside the house. Today was a tiring day with those kids at school trying to pick on you or trying to get me to talk to them or even make a sound.

They know I talk I just won't so they take it up on themselves to try to either hurt me or do something to get a reaction out of me but nothing works.

You see being the moon goddesses' daughter means getting powers my sisters and brother also have powers. We each have an elemental power and common powers such as speed, flight and hearing, but me I have an extra power it's the power of command. When I was 15 I got my power but I couldn't control it, the slightest thing I said either made people either do or want to do my biding. Which is the reason for my silence now that I'm 18 I can control it but it the power gave my voice an even musical ring that people were attracted too.

Normal angels have an attractive voice but mine was just more enhanced which is annoying since people are always pay me more attention.

''Hey guys" I called "Are you porting home tonight?

"Yeah Eden and River wants to see us''

"Alright tell me when you're ready I'm gonna visit mom today" I said making my way to my room. Eden and River are my sisters and the guy's mates. Eden is an earth bender and river is a water bender and me, I'm a fire bender. Our names were each chosen by the power we were born with. Aurion my older brother his power is the wind which I so cool.

When my sisters and I were little he would make mini wind tornadoes and take us on a ride around our castle home, to say we had a blast is an understatement.

When I reached my room I immediately took off my hideous disguise and put something more comfy on. I ran a hand through my red hair and made my over to my ensuite mirror to see how I was dressed. Seeing how I was going home the returning princess must always be at her best outside the castle.

I was dressed in a blue and black stripe off the shoulder long sleeve shirt, black leggings and blue and black ankle boots with a gray beanie. "Ember we're ready' Dima shouted "coming'

I made my way downstairs the see the boys have already changed from there nerdy clothes too and were outside waiting for me "did you summon the portal" I asked "uhh no we were waiting for you to do it'

"Why me? "Cause this way we end up inside the palace main hallway instead of going through the warrior's cabin and we get to surprise them" "So in English the quickest way to get to my sisters room so you guys can do the frickle frackle" I watched as they blushed and tried to cover it up but I already saw it. Ha-ha

Shaking my head I summoned the portal and we flew in making our way to main upper level of the castle where my sister's rooms were. "See you later guys and be safe don't get my sisters pregnant" I shouted running down the hall laughing. I could hear them swearing at me for ruining their surprise visits to my sisters. Hehe

I reached my mom's room and before I could knock the door swung open and I was pulled into a bone crushing hug ''jeez mom your killing me'' I gasped out trying to breathe. ''Sorry honey I just missed you'' yeah yeah

''okay mom you summoned me to come here what do you need" I said taking a drink from her mini fridge "oh honey you will be meeting your mate soon'' *cough* WHAT *COUGH* choking I managed to ask. Your mate you will find him within the week''

'' Here or on earth" I questioned "earth dear'' "what the fuck! A human; mom if he's on earth he's just going to reject me'' ''Calm down my child'' she responded not even phased by my outburst. "Everything happens for a reason and if he rejects you it will be his lost now isn't, you're Ember any guy would be lucky to have you angel or human'

That night I went home upset and angry knowing my mate was going to reject me. The guys didn't return home until the next morning before school which I made they go without me. I needed a day to cool off.

The next day I went to school and I made it a mission to avoid eye contact with everybody afraid that id find my mate. It was finally lunch and as I made my way to the cafeteria I kept my head down as I made my way to my usual table. Sadly with my head down I ran into a wall which had me falling down. I closed my eyes waiting for the impact when I realised I was being held up.

Opening my eyes I avoided looking up and quickly stepped out of whoever warm hands I was in and tried to walk away. By now the cafeteria was silent and I could feel eyes on me and whoever helped me. "You know mute you could say sorry' the voice mocked. Looking up I was met with the brownest eyes I've ever seen. Big mistake cause at that moment my wolf screamed mate.

"You've got to be kidding me" he roared.

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