"You've got to be kidding me" he roared.

Even though I knew it was coming it still hurt. "Of all the persons in the world I got you, a weak mute for my mate. Sorry to break it to you but my pack needs a strong Luna and your just not cut for it, I Ashton Blake reject you Ember Callaway as my mate" and just like that he turned and walked away.

The pain in my heart was so strong I felt like I was going to collapse. The sound of my wolf howling in my head was so loud that I could barely hear my classmates as they laughed and mocked me. It didn’t even register to me that Dima and Lui had flew me home until I felt myself being lowered into my comfy bed.

I didn’t even know this guy yet he had this effect on me. "You will not cry, you will not shed a tear on someone who doesn’t see your worth. You are the beautiful daughter of the moon goddess and princess of Abrunia Realm and leader of the warriors. You can have anyone you desire anyone would be lucky to have you" 

That what I kept repeating in my head but I didn’t let the pain go away. For the rest of the week I stayed home only leaving to deal with business in the realm. I was giving my wolf time to calm down and prepare. It was now Sunday and I was dreading going back to school, not because of the teasing but because I might run into Ashton.

"It’s no secret Ashton likes to fool around with other girls especially now that his Alpha ceremony is a few months away. All the girls will be throwing themselves at him to be Luna and with the threat of a mate out the way they think they have a chance.

Turning my light of I quickly hopped into bed. The guys were at my sisters for the night and would be back for school.


*Beep Beep*

Groaning I picked up my alarm silencing it with the wall. I lazily got up and made my way towards my massive bathroom. After doing my morning routine I grabbed a set of nerd clothes, wig and my glasses and went downstairs where I was handed a breakfast wrap and a thermos with my favourite peppermint coffee with a drop of angel dust.

"Let’s go Ember your lazy ass took too long we have to go before where late" Grabbing my bag I quickly followed the boys outside and took off. Flying over the invisible barrier, not even two minutes and we were landing safely and walking out the woods and up to the school gates we had a minute to get to class. 

Since no one was in the halls we ran at our full speed and made it in having couple seconds to spare before class started. Walking to my seat I could hear chuckling and everyone talking about I but I just ignored them as usual. 

I was in the middle explaining something to Dima through mind link when I felt eyes boring into me, turning around my eyes went wide when I saw Ashton and Drew his best friend sitting at the back of the class.

Were they always in this class? I wondered then decided to voice my thought to Lui through the link. He turned around to see who I was talking about then quickly nodded his head.

Mhmm I didn’t even know that. I guess I don’t pay you as much of attention that I think I do. "How many classes of mine is he in? “Three" "What" I screamed through the link causing him to his in pain. "Not so dam loud" he shouted out causing heads to turn and look at us. 

"Sorry" I linked to him. He only nodded then went back to work ignoring everyone who was watching us.

The day dragged on and it was the worst the only class I had Ashton free was my last class but his friend Drew was in it with me. Even though he was sweet unlike his friend it was kind of weird having him talk to me and me responding to him on paper.

It was like middle school again passing notes in class until we were almost caught. When the teacher asked for the note I used my power through the mind link and made her turn and leave. I smirked in victory but it was gone as quick as it came when I realised Drew was watching me. 

He stared at me as I stared back at him feign innocence after a while he seemed to come to his senses and shook his head. Facing the board I sighed that was close.

When the bell rang I got up with Drew walking alongside me attracting some people’s attention but I payed no mind, it seems as if it didnt bother him too because he started up our conversation from class only now it was one-sided. 

I listened as he went on about how hard it was to shift in midair and how he was having difficulties doing it. I would offer to help but that means talking and exposing my wolf and I couldn’t do that yet" He kept going but abruptly stopped in the middle of the hallway making me bounce into him.

Looking in his line of sight what I saw just broke my heart even more Ashton was making out with some blonde in the tiniest mini skirt I’ve ever seen. Drew coughed and broke the snogging couple apart "what the hell man..." he started saying then stopped when he saw me. I saw a flash of pain on his face before he quickly masked it with anger, doesn’t matter because I saw it.

"What’s she doing here? He asked annoyed "We just came from class we were talking but saw your snogging fest" drew answered. Ash looked as if he didnt believe us well him, but before he could say anything the bimbo cut in. 

"Yeah right, freak show here doesn’t talk and who would want to talk to her in the first place". I looked at her with a bored expression then turn to Drew communicating with my eyes that I was leaving. He nodded in understanding before telling me he'd see me tomorrow, with one last look at Ashton and the glaring bimbo I walked outside to my overprotective boys.

"Seriously Ember Drew Stone" "What he's nice a little weird considering he was talking to me but sweet" "Just don’t get too attached to this boy we don’t want you getting hurt" I nodded at them cause they were right I didnt know Drew and getting this close to him could be risky.

The next day was even weirder Drew came and sat with us during lunch. At first it took the guys a while to open up to him but his sweet nature had they putty in his hands? 

Things went on like that for a while, Drew hanging with us, Ashton staring at me but every now and then I’d catch him making out with someone. Drew wasn't all that bad but we still didnt trust him. He invited us bowling this saturday but i declined since i had buisness in the Realm but the guys were gonna go. That should be intresting.

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