The guys and I quickly flew over to Alpha
Damon, we were currently in his office with his wife explaining the situation. "He said he heard you guys talking so he knows about the war, I got so mad I started glowing and he saw"

*Gasp* "He saw you?'' "Yes he saw me, but I ran which made him chase after me and obviously I lost him but that doesn’t mean he's giving up anytime soon" Ughh

"I don’t know how he could have heard the walls are sound proof unless he was snooping, I’ll deal with him but for now you need to try and avoid him as much as possible" I cringed at the idea of being away from him, even though he rejected me and constantly fooled around with other girls my wolf could feel his presence and that made the happy.

"Is something wrong dear?" Charlie asked making the guys frown. Guess he didn’t tell her. "Ember's Ashton mate but he rejected her horribly then claimed it was for her safety after hooking up with girls in front of her" I turned and gaped at lui before growling at him. Fucking chatter box can’t keep his mouth shut.

I’m brought out of mental rant by Charlie screaming and jumping around. "I knew it I knew you owe me a new bracelet, I told you they were goanna be mates" I watched as Damon sighed then mumble about how he hates loosing.

"Wait you guys betted on if Ashton and I were goanna be mated to each other?" "Yup the kid's literally obsessed with you he'd come home all the time talking about something you did, whether smiled, got an A on a test or just simply  doodling a picture, but now that we're talking about it, it’s been awhile since he talked about you lately he’s been acting strange I guess I know why"

The guys and I stared wide eyed at them Ashton liked me as in nerd form. Shaking my head I told them I didn’t care, he was rude and rejected me shamefully in front of the whole school. They tried convincing me to forgive him but I wasn’t ready to yet, not now.

Unfortunately our meeting was cut short when Aston came home early and was beating on his dad’s door. "Dad open up I need to talk to you" his voice rang through the speakers. Shit why now. "Look Alpha we have to go get rid of our scents when we leave, were flying out through the window" Dima says before dragging me towards the window before anyone could respond. 

Following his lead I jump out before spreading my wings and flying up using the clouds as cover until we reach out destination home.

When we reached home the guys and I began coming up with ways to avoid Ashton but it was nearly impossible since Drew had made plans with the guys to have lunch with him, well for him to have lunch with us really. Meaning no lunch for me not that I minded it gave me time to practice and come up with new tactics for the war coming.


The next day was the worse with me avoiding Ashton, he tried using every method to try to talk to me including using his alpha voice which has no effect on me. This seemed to enhance his curiosity and fuel his anger. This went on for three weeks. He'd try to corner me, chase me or set up people by blocking of the exits. 

To say it was getting hard to avoid him was an understatement. Drew was another problem he'd always ask why I’m avoiding Ashton but I’d get the guys to change the subject. I’m glad Ash didn’t tell him what happened or else the guys would have lost their only friend from this world since the time we've been here.

Sadly that changed I was in chemistry when an mas message was linked out, quickly leaving school I ran to the back of the gym by the sport field where Dima and lui were waiting for me. "Quick we need to get the message. Dima shouted

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