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***Moon Goddess***

Waking up a little behind schedule I ran to my bathroom and quickly did my morning routine. Coming out I headed straight for my outfit lying out neatly in my closet. Today I was wearing a white skin tight crop top, black ripped skinny jean, my leather jacket paired with my black laced up chunky heel boots and my lip piercing. Pretty bad ass

My makeup was some light pink lip gloss and a bit of eyeliner. Grabbing my bag I ran downstairs meeting the guys, who looked like they overslept too. "We woke late again" Dima whined. "I know lets go"

Going outside we unleashed our wings and took off. "Are you and Ashton going to be hanging out" I snorted. "Were friends now, doesn't mean he's in the all clear yet, he humiliated me so he has to make up for that" They nodded they're agreement. Thinking about him had my inner wolf purring.

I was so lost in my thoughts I barely heard Lui tell me to get ready. Looking down I realised we were flying above the edge of the forest near the school. "Shit" I cursed before landing. "What were you thinking so hard about?"

Turning around I froze the whole school stood there gaping at us, just great. Rolling my eyes I smoothed out my jacket of any wrinkles from the flight before replying "Uh nothing Lui lets just go" I said shaking my head and retracting my wing.

"Alright" We made our way into school trying to ignore everyone.

"Oh my god that's them"

"They're so hot" Uhh thanks.

"Oh my did you here they're voice so hot" Ugh

"We should totally go say hi" I rolled my eyes at that one.

"Oh my god they're like royalty" Not like we are.

"Bet they had plastic surgery" I couldn't help it that comment had me stopping to glare at the commenter Maddison all the way across the lot. She paled before gulping quite loudly. Jealous much

"Hey guys" Drew and Ash said coming up beside us. I nodded while the guys greeted them cheerfully. What I've been quiet for years I'm not just goanna start talking all of a sudden. Making my way to my locker I quickly traded my books before going to class before the bell rang"

Walking into the filled almost filled was really awkward, all chatter left making it deadly silent; all eyes on fell on me, trying to ignore them I made my way to my seat. The guys came in a second after I was seated and raised their eyebrows at me causing me to shrug.

"Why are they staring at you" Lui asked. I shrugged again before replying "Beats me"

*Gasp* they chuckled at the classes reaction. "Lover boy is staring at you" I turned my head in time to see Ashton looking down with flushed cheeks making me smirk.

Before I could comment the teacher walked in. "Good morning class todays class shall only be forty five minutes due to circumstances issued yesterday. I didn't miss how his eyes glanced over at the boys and me.

"Today I'd like for you to take out your poetry assignments, if I could have a volunteer please" I didn't miss the mischievous glint in his eyes. "Come on any suggestions, no how about I pick one" Please don't pick me, please don't pick me.

"Dima how about you" Thank you

I giggled when he clenched his jaw sending the teacher a bone chilling glare before getting up. The females in the room seem to inch forward in anticipation the guys sat up trying to look intimidating but failing badly.

Her beauty is that of a million diamonds glittering in the sun

Each reflecting its own ray of light making brilliant patterns

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