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**Ashton pic**

I was back home getting ready for patrol tonight, the guys were staying in since my sisters were on punishment for destroying a part of the castle. Apparently they got into a fight and used their powers to wipe out the screening room, the main hallway and a part of the weapons room. Now the castle's  on extra guard until repairs are made.

I had on my gear and was about to tell the boys bye when I heard them whispering "dude I don't think she going to allow that.....look I'll see what I can do....yeah bye"

"Who was that?" I asked even though I had a pretty good idea who it was already. "Oh shit" they jumped startled. "Your charm is still on"

"Who was that" I watched as they scratched the back of their heads nervously. "Uhh Ashton wanted to know if he could go on watch with you"

"Why" "Uhh i guess he wants to spend time with you" Lui answered "Yeah well im working not going out for a stroll"

I watched as Dima sighed "Come on Avery he's your mate, even though he was an asshole he still deserves a second chance"

"I get what you're doing and I understand you care but its my decision if he deserves a second chance. If it makes you feel better i'll stop by each group tonight and see how they are keeping up."

They nodded and said their good nights before going to their rooms. Sighing I made my way outside flying to my patrol spot.

It was around midnight I visited the first group, scaring the crap out of them.

They were scattered out each facing a different direction, ears up and listening.
I landed with a thud a few feet behind them and some trees making them turn and growl at. Slowly I made my way closer when they continued to growl.

I was confused at first then I remembered they still weren't used to my actual scent. When they finally realized it was me. There big eyes widened and they stood staring. 

Ignoring it I sat in front of a tree resting my back on its trunk and closed my eyes listening for any signs of an intruder.

I knew they were watching me waiting for a reason as to why I'm here. "Ignore my presence and act like I'm not here",I said before mumbling "not that you should have any problems with that".

Okay so maybe I didn't mumble low enough but they still heard and let out a whining sound. After they got over the shock of my being there they went back into position every now and then peaking at me. I spent half an hour with each group moving on to the next. 

By the fourth group i visited they weren't as shocked to see me but they still stared. Ashtons group i saved for last and of course they were expecting me. Instead of landing on the ground behind the bushes like the other groups i landed in the trees hoping to surprise them, but instead i got a surprise of my own. 

Most of his group were in human form and shirtless including him. "Hot damm". I was so distracted i lost my balance falling backwards out of the tree but luckily I caught myself in time to flip over and land before reaching the ground. "Bloody hell glupyye goryachiye parni otvlekaya menya , delayet menya padat'(stupid hot guys distracting me, making me fall). 

"Ember nice of you to DROP by" Ashton teased making the others laugh. I narrowed my eyes at him mentally cursing him to the pits of hell. Dusting myself i replied "Of course Ashton the guys mentioned you crying to them, and begging they convince me to come visit, so like the good person I am I came, so no more crying okay? good"

He growled at me but i only smirked at his now embarrassed face, his group were laughing at him now.
Just like every group i took a seat under the tree with my eyes closed listening but i should have known better a giant wolf came and flopped himself on my left while Ash came and sat on my right throwing his arm over my shoulders.

The action sent sparks through my body almost making me shiver. Almost "Why are you naked? Shouldn't you guys be on alert" " We are, each person has a partner on in wolf form the other in human, as one listens in wolf form the other searches for movement from up in the trees"

"Then why isn't anyone in the tree now?"  I was having a internal battle with keeping my heart rate at a normal speed as he kept talking so close to me, his arms around me weren't helping either. "We were but you came when we were switching positions again hence our nakedness"

I nodded not trusting my voice, man who knew he smelt so good and those abs, fuck i felt like moaning at the thought. No bad Ember shaking my head i turned my attention to Drew hoping he'd distract me from my thoughts. 

"Hey drew  I think I may have found you a girlfriend " He looked up rolling his big wolf eyes at me. "What I cant set my friend up? It's not like your waiting on your mate your not even a virgin" He just grunted at me. "Fine be that way then, her names cynthia by the way "

No need to mention she was head female training warrior .  Basically she was the girl version of Travis ironically enough they were brother and sister, both strong and cuddly like evil teddy bears.

With Drew ignoring me and me ignoring the effect Ashton was having on me it got awkward real fast. I could feel his eye burning into me "I like your outfit" he whispered in my ear, this time i couldn't hold in the shiver that went through me. "Thanks" He was smirking now obviously happy he got a reaction out of me.

Dammit come on think about something else, uhh the beach!, Yeah I haven't been to the beach in months maybe the guys will come with me to Paradise Island to catch some waves.  Uhh no they won't they are all buddy buddy with these two idiots now and since Drew isn't mated to someone from another realm he isn't allowed to visit there. Only mated creatures are allowed on the island. Guess we're stuck here. 


This sucks Paradise Island has the biggest waves out there


Now i can't ride the slam box, it's the most dangerous wave known.


"Huh? Oh what? why are you screaming at me?" 

"We've been calling you for ten minutes now" "Wait what ?" i asked them confused.

"It's time to change shifts the new warriors are on their way" Oh shit, quickly jumping up i started dusting myself off.  

"Are you guys leaving now?' I asked "Yeah just as the others get here" My almost naked mate answered. Right as  he said that six wolves emerged from the trees, Alpha Damon being one. 

Walking over to his big frame he lowered his head allowing me to rub my hand through his fur. "Hey big fella" He was really big, one of the biggest wolves i've ever seen in this realm. Of course i was slightly bigger than him but what he doesn't know won't hurt his pride.

He grunted but relaxed under my hands as usual. I heard gasp coming from everyone so I looked up and saw that they were all shocked. I forgot to them he's some big strict Alpha but i was like the daughter he never had, actually scrap that I am the daughter he never had as he claims.

He let out a wolf laugh but i just rolled my eyes at them. "Stupid" The moment i said that i regretted it, he used his tail to whip me on my arm. "Ow shit that bloody fucking hurts" Oh no *whip* "Fucking shit that stings" *whip* "Okay okay i get no more swearing" i said backing away rubbing my arm and thighs.

He let out another wolf laugh along with the others. ''Yeah yeah laugh it up see you try that in human form" i grumbled. He only rolled his eyes at me before licking my face and trotting of to his spot. "Eww dad i told you to stop doing that" I was so caught up in being grossed out by his slobber on me I didn't realise I called him dad in front of everyone. I only called him dad in private and on certain occasions like when i set the forest on fire and he threatens to take away something i really love example my dirt bikes.

Now they were looking back and forth between  us. "yes i called him dad get over it" The only person who didn't look so shocked was Ashton who had a big smile on his face for whatever reasons I don't know. 

My mate's such a weirdo.

"Anyways I have stuff to do i'll see you guys at training" and with that i spread my wings and took off.

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