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"I can't believe you boys" I growled out. We've been in here for a while now trying to think of a suitable punishment for the boys.

"As of today you boys are on a three month community service program, since you like seeing blood so much you will help Denise every other day in the ER and you are to clean all of the weapons and uniforms used by the warriors and the guards, and lastly the training yards bathroom should be cleaned by you two every night"

Their eyes widen but they knew better than to say anything, what they got was a baby punishment my normal punishments left them begging for the one I just gave them or getting their wings taken away. Losing your wing was like calling a werewolf a mutt. Absolute degrading.

"Yes Princess" they agreed with a bow of their heads. When they left to begin their punishments I spoke to both their parents along with the girl they were fighting over. To say she got some mean eyes that would be an understatement but of course I dealt with it, it was their sons fault and their fault for not teaching them the consequences of trying to date someone who isn't your mate.

The meeting was finally and I only had a little time left. I used the portal ending up in the castle and making my way to my room for a quick change in a sports bra and training leggings. Not the type I usually use but these people were less harmful than mine.

I ported to the back of the pack house to see everyone leaving and heading to the field. Some of what they were wearing was an eye raiser.

Girls in booty shorts and tight sports bra or see through leggings and tight tops. Wow.

I sat in the middle of the field as everyone gathered, when Dima got them settled I asked the most important question. "What the fuck are most of you wearing"

They gasped not realizing I had such a potty mouth.

Why can I see your vaginas, why is your ass cheeks showing, why are your clothes so super tight and why am I seeing your thongs"

"You know what I don't care you will see the risk of wearing such things today" These girls are going to have some major chaffing when their done.

"I want all children below 13 to step to the side along, all pregnant ladies and lastly all our elders.

You all won't be fighting but you will be put to use making traps and learning some basic means of protecting yourselves. As for the others I need three groups please and mix them adults newly adults and teens".

"On the day of the fight all those not taking place in the physical part will be located at my house under safe keeping along with a few warriors and adults of my choosing."

Some of the parents let it a sigh of relief knowing their kids would be safe.

"Those on guard tonight step forward" Ten persons stepped forward including Ash and Drew. The training I have in mind will leave you tired so unless you choose you're only required to do half of what I have in mind"

They nodded their heads.

"Dima your turn" he nodded and began commanding them.

"Today we will be testing your endurance in your human form, we need you guys both fit in either way so today we will be doing a forty kilometres race. Twenty to the finish twenty back anyone stops or slows us down will have an additional two kilo's each".

They groaned and started complaining. "Hey shut it and let me finish talking, this is the easiest part of the training so suck it up and start stretching."

"Stay in your groups" lui reminded them.

Who knew stretching would turn into porn. These girls were bending over trying to show off all they had to the guys in the groups especially towards Dima and Lui.

Some of the guys tried flexing and showing off instead of stretching, well at least we know who's going to be sore tomorrow.

"Alpha Damon you're up front with Lui Dima you're with the Luna in the middle and I'm in the back"

"Wait what you can't be by yourself" Ashton shouted. "Sure I can, and I will now go your group is up front"

"Ember come on" "Enough, now everybody in position" I commanded loudly.

He growled as everyone got in position but didn't say anything. "On your marks....... get set......Go.....


"Keep up let's go, let's go people" we were close to the twenty kilo mark and they were sweating bullets.

"Alright two minutes and were there "Lui shouted.

When we finally reach the end of the track I told them all to rest. It was funny seeing them all collapse trying to catch their breath. The girls were rubbing their thighs because of the chaffing they got.

"I told you guys you were going to feel the consequences of wearing such clothing I expect better for tomorrows run".


"More running"


The guys laughed at the complaining wolves "yes there is more, three full days of running in human form then you guys will run in wolf form."

"On Saturday and Sunday training starts at eleven so rest up cause we have to run back and complete the last activity for the night."

We made it back to the training grounds in lesser time than we did getting to the end of the track, which is good means they can go faster.

"Alright everybody grab some water and come back its stretching time, when we're done make sure you get some rest tonight, take a hot bath, drink some tea and be ready for tomorrow.

Time flew by quickly and soon they were dragging themselves back home.

I turned walking towards the guys who were talking to Drew and Ash and threw my hands around them disrupting their conversation.

"Yes can we help you" Lui asked raising his eyebrows. "Nope I'm on duty tonight just thought I should remind you" "Wait I thought I was on with you tonight" Dima asked pulling away looking confused. "No its tomorrow, then you and lui"

"Oh...Ohhh yeah"

"What are you talking about? Ash questioned "I'm on patrol with you guys, well not with you I'll be in the shadows like usual"

"Just try not to start a forest fire this time"

"Hey that was one time...-_-... Okay maybe two-__- Fine three times plus the first two was when my powers were unstable"

"Wait you cause those fires" Drew asked surprised. "Yes she did and tried to play it off like it wasn't so her mom made her dad locked her in her room and made things slow down so she missed out on the class trip to the war museum."

"You have a dad?" they both deadpanned. I looked at them like they were crazy. "Duhh, I thought they taught you those stuff in school, when a mommy and daddy get together them....."Stop stop stop"......What?"

"We understand that I just thought....I never knew....ugh I uhmm" "You thought my mom didn't need a guy to have kids True but she fell in love with my dad plus mating makes the kid stronger than being magic born"

"OH so who's your dad" Really?

"The Sun god of course"

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