space blasters

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Hey guys sorry for the long update, I was going to post this chapter on my birthday which was the 3rd, but something didn't feel right about it yet and I'm still not completely sure but I'll give it you guys anyway you've waited long enough.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes I got on Instagram and Snapchat😍😍😍😍

Thanks for all the birthday wishes I got on Instagram and Snapchat😍😍😍😍

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"Travis ! I banged on his door to his shared apartment with his sister. ."Open up I know you're in there"

Before I could slap the door again it flew open and a sleepy half naked Travis walked out.

"What the hell Ember" I noticed how he stepped out trying to close the door but it was too late I saw the blushing half dressed girl behind him.

Smells like cat and sex.

"I need you to train and you weren't answering my calls" I folded my arms across my chest.

"Maybe cause I was sleeping" he growled

"Well your up now, please Travis I just need to release all this stress and you're the only one who can help me"

It took him alot of begging and sad eyes before he gave in.
"Yes thank you"

He quickly ran inside and got changed no shower or anything.


We went back to the my house since it was empty rather than the castle that was crawling with guards and people on tours.

"There is another way to release your problems,just open those legs for your mate and I bet he would make all your frustrations go away".

Rolling my eyes I ignored him and grabbed my sword swirling it around.

"Try not to stab me this time"

"Why you scared? We could just do fists"
Such a baby.

"No I'm not scared, but I'd prefer fists"

Alright then, I threw my sword away showing him I was game for some fist to fist action.

Come at me!

"Oh god!"

My body feels so tired . This was one of the most intense work out Travis has done and I have a feeling it's cause I woke him up.

Currently I was laying on the floor trying to catch my breath while he sat in a corner trying to catch his.

After 10 mins I figured it was time to go shower.

"Are you staying until the guys get here?"

He didnt even look up from his phone he just  nodded.

I still have your laundry from the time you stayed over come and get it you can shower in my bathroom.

The only reason I'm letting him use my bathroom was because he makes a mess everywhere and the guys always complain but he knew better than to mess mine up.

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