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Ashton Pov............Travis Pic^^^>>>

'Who’s Travis?" I asked when she was out of earshot.

“Oh Travis is like our best friend and Em’s training partner he’s a fucking beast my friend” Lui answered. “Oh do you know if there is something going on between them?”

“No one really knows I mean we're all pretty close but them I guess they have a special connection or something as for dating they could be but I doubt it, but why do you care I thought you guys were just friends”

“Yeah Ashton you made it pretty clear when you rejected her in front of the whole school, which we haven’t completely forgiven you for.” Oh no.

“I know guys, I was an ass but I honestly didn’t mean to hurt her” I said

“No? So snogging all those girls was gonna make her feel special’’ I looked down and sighed, I know I was an ass but I swear I’m gonna make it up to her. “Look man were not hear to make you feel bad just stating the truth and what you did was pretty fucked up but if Em’s willing to keep you as her friend then so are we but if you as so much as hurt her again your gonna regret it”

The look they were giving me honestly frightened the crap out of me, I gulped before responding “I won’t I promise”

After that convo we spent the rest of the afternoon chilling and playing games, the guys told Drew and I to relax because come tomorrow we won’t be relaxing for a while. When we got hungry the guys gave us tour of the house before going to cook.

“What are you guys making” Drew asked intrigued “Fry dumplings they are so good I swear one Ember smells these she’ll be rushing downstairs’’

‘Wait she here, I thought she was visiting Travis “ “she is but they came back they’re both upstairs right now” I tried listening to see if I could hear any sounds from her room but got nothing. “Don’t bother trying ‘Lui began “she probably sound proofed her room”

The idea of her and a guy staying into a room with it sound proof didn’t sit well with me, in fact it made me angry and somewhat hurt. Is this what she felt when she saw me with those other girls, I’m a real ass then.

Fifteen minutes later they were plating the food and some type of gravy when Ember came rushing down the stairs. “Dumplings gimme gimme gimme” she squealed like a toddler, it was adorable.

“Uh Uh Uh what’s the magic word” Dima tsked bopping her nose, which she didn’t seem to like very much. “Give me the dumplings” she ordered in a very velvety voice, I swear I was gonna melt right there but snapped out of it when I realised the others were looking at her making me growl. Dima gave her the dumplings then snapped out of the trance he was in only to groan.

“No fair Ember you used your powers on me” Powers?

“Well who told you to treat me as a child, you know I hate using it but I will if you continue” The two warriors groaned but I was so lost.

“You have powers” Drew asked. Thank you Drew. “Oh yeah I do elemental and persuasion well more like command, I turn my voice velvety and whatever I say to a person they can’t help but do it. I hate using it but I do to annoy the guys sometimes” Impressive I thought.

“But back when it started to develop it  was horrible, I’d command someone without even trying which caused a lot of problems so I was forced to be silent until I could control it, actually your dad was one of the person who helped control it” she finished.

“Wait my dad knew about you being an angel that long and didn’t tell me” I said feeling betrayed. He could have told me, he knew I liked her from before.

“Actually your father was ordered to keep this a secret until it was time; if word got out before that the princess and her warriors were around before we were ready it would have been a bloodbath for you guys.” Lui answered.

Ohh no one said anything after that not even drew we were all lost in our thoughts but it was suddenly broken when a crashed was heard upstairs followed by a Dammit.

“Oh shit Travis is hungry and he gets irritable when he’s hungry, I have to go before he comes down here and kick my ass later guys and thanks for the food”

With that she ran off to her room and didn’t come back until late evening dressed in shorts and a tank with a bruise on her hand.

“What the hell happened to you” Drew and I screamed rushing over to her. She only laughed along with the guys making me growl. She’s hurt how could they just laugh it off?

“Calm down Travis and I got into a wrestling match he tried to take the last dumpling and I wasn’t giving it to him, we ended up on the flooring rolling over and fighting for it” “And he hurt you just for a dumpling” I seethed.

“I’m not hurt and it was my fault I was laughing cause I pinned him down but accidentally knocked over the powders blinding us a sec so when I got off him he thought he was gripping the bed which wasn’t really the bed legs but my hand, when he realised he let me go but he knows me too well that he wouldn’t go home spared”

“What do you mean” I asked “Let’s just say he's covered in bruises and they aren’t hickeys”

“Nice one princess” Lui and Dima cheered as they high fived her. What the fuck?

Ember Pov

After we flew Ashton and Drew home the guys and I went had a movie night with just us. Tomorrow is the first day we're going to school without pretending to be something we're not.

"How do you think tomorrows gonna go down" Lui asked biting into a Cadbury Chocolate I swear if he could that’s all he would eat all day every day.

"Mhmm fake people wanting to talk, kiss asses, some jealous, jocks wanting us to be in the 'in crowd', cheerleaders wanting you on the squad , people asking question, being stared at, and don’t forget now that they know what we actually sound like more questions from teachers" Dima listed off

"Now I don’t want to go to school, it was already hard when everyone ignored us now they're gonna be wanting our attention kill me now" I groaned.

"Can't we just skip school and just train the Deka’s when its time" A Deka is what we call shifter wolves. The guys just rolled their eyes "Em you do we can't do that your mom would punish us if we did"

I sighed its true one day in the realm we blew off training to visit the forest cliff, she changed the leaves to poison ivy let’s just say no one blew off moms orders again.

"Alright I’m going to bed night guys" "Night" they replied. Making my way to my bedroom I went straight to my en suite and brushed my teeth, coming out my next destination, my closet. I may be a princess but in also a warrior, every time I meet someone they say I’m not what they expected.

I’m not really girly that more of my sister Eden, I’m more off a fiery spirit pretty but mess with me you get burned. Literally!

After laying out my outfit for tomorrow I made my way to bed.

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