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The Bro Code by joecool123
The Bro Codeby Joe Cool (Elizabeth Seibert)
Rule number 4: If a girl falls into the following criteria, she is off limits forever until the end of time: A) Was a bro's ex-girlfriend. B) Your bro specifically told...
  • forbidden
  • wattpadstars
  • badboygoodgirl
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The Skater Girls {COMPLETED} by IsabelleLouis
The Skater Girls {COMPLETED}by Isabelle_Loves_Youx
At Burton's High School the popular girls are cheerleaders, The geeks are in the Mathematics club, The gothic girls are in the rock band, The unknown girls are you know...
  • girls
  • romance
  • boys
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Together Forever. by iwontletyoufall
Together Forever.by Kacie
"Together Forever," he breathed out slowly as he intertwined our fingers. "Don't make any promises you can't keep, babe." I reply. He grabs me by my...
  • pregnantteen
  • teenlove
  • zaynmalik
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Badboy Called Me Princess?! [ Completed ] by angelrosee21
Badboy Called Me Princess?! [ Comp...by Directioner
It's all started with a ball hit straight to Ivory forehead by Xavier Woodworks the school returned bad boy. He finds her interesting. He made her his princess. A love b...
  • cheerleader
  • fashion
  • teenfiction
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Aria - LRH by taintedwhore
Aria - LRHby Taintedwhore
' hey, I'm Aria. I just moved next door and my mum told me to come by to introduce myself as we will be neighbours' I say as I look up at who answers the door only to se...
  • romance
  • fanfiction
  • daddykink
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I Fell in Love with a Bad Boy by Beautiful_Tragedy8
I Fell in Love with a Bad Boyby Sarah J McCall
CRINGE WARNING! First book I ever wrote on here!! -- "Sometimes the person who you are willing to take a bullet for is the person behind the gun." I stood peer...
  • step-father
  • lovestory
  • heartbreak
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A Blonde with Blue Eyes (girlxgirl) by RanielleTJ
A Blonde with Blue Eyes (girlxgirl)by Renny
TeacherxStudent Two girls who fall for each other the moment they saw each other but they try to control there feeling. The Sexual Tension and all the confusions betwee...
  • lgbtfiction
  • lgbtrights
  • teenfiction
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Onegai, Senpai! (おねがい、センパイ!)//Mark x Sana// (COMPLETED) by Alfantasy_
Onegai, Senpai! (おねがい、センパイ!)//Mark...by Modena Evilion
Who would reject being tutored by the most popular, handsome and super smart senior in school? Completed : Wed, August 9th 2017.
  • dahyun
  • highschooldrama
  • twicesana
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Trouble by boxer4life
Troubleby boxer4life
When 17 year old Taylor's life suddenly goes south she is forced to put on her big girl panties in order to balance the responsibilities of being a student, an older sis...
  • club
  • boxing
  • badgirl
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The Blonde Bitch Syndrome by Izavbell_14
The Blonde Bitch Syndromeby ˗ˏˋ iz ˎˊ˗
[ O N G O I N G ] "They are blondes. They are bound to be bitches. Right? " - Previously known as "Pretty Faces". - Status: Raw Draft
  • sad
  • weareteenqueens
  • depression
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Bittersweet  ➳  Newt x Reader by Wolfie2212
Bittersweet ➳ Newt x Readerby Rachel
When Y/N (Your Name) moves to America from England and starts at her new high, everything seems wrong. Except for one thing - or rather, one guy: Newt. The hottest, most...
  • romance
  • highschool
  • themazerunner
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It Wasn't Until I Met You by HuMzzzz
It Wasn't Until I Met Youby Humz ;)
My names Lyndsey Olsen, I'm 18 years old and this is my story. NOT EDITED
  • teenmom
  • teacher
  • baby
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Jerika - Ride or Die by jerikaslane
Jerika - Ride or Dieby meg
I have another story called Jerika - Soulmates. There is two different stories in it, so also check that out. This story- Team10 is in highschool, they all become frien...
  • jakepaul
  • jerikaisreal
  • drama
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Rules And Roses by xPhoenixWishesX
Rules And Rosesby •PhoenixWishes•
Nova Johnson, that's my name. This is my story of revenge. On my ex boyfriend and ex Best Friend. What did they do to me. Your wondering well it could start off with me...
  • exboyfriend
  • fakesmile
  • fakerelationship
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INSTA-Daddy by hanhawoo
INSTA-Daddyby hanhawoo
"What? I walked by and because of my hotness you got a baby inside you?? Did we have telepathic sex or something?" **** It was unexpected. Tom Henderson , wi...
  • romance
  • goodgirl
  • romcom
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Bitter $weet by CLOUTDIVINE
Bitter $weetby CLOUTDIVINE
Im numb, he's numb, not only that he makes me cum. "FUCK NIGGA DONT LOOK AT MY GIRL!" He blacked out. The guy Glocks his gun at jahseh. "shoot me pussy bo...
  • tentacion
  • skimask
  • stokeley
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Alolan High (A Pokemon fan fiction) by LittenIsSwagg67
Alolan High (A Pokemon fan fiction)by Swagg Universe
It's Popplio's first school year! She was a rebel previously, but now she wants to get good grades. Back at her last school, all the boys were drooling over her just bec...
  • torracat
  • raichu
  • brionné
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The Games by Greek_Beauty
The Gamesby Annabeth Chase
Sofie Woods is the nerd at school. The one with zero friends and the social status of 'nothing'. However, their school holds the biggest record of the Virgin Games. W...
  • secret
  • games
  • job
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Drugs Run The World  by LizzieHuds0n
Drugs Run The World by LizzieHuds0n
Drugs ran the world, no one wanted to admit it though. It ran society from, the drugs to make us happy, to make us better. From the illegal to the legal it was the curre...
  • violence
  • love
  • legal
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Living with EXO?! by X_flower_headband_x
Living with EXO?!by X_flower_headband_x
{WARNING SLOW UPDATE} Iu, your average high school student. She's mostly known for her wonderful talents and her beauty. But when the biggest Korean boy band called EXO...
  • kawaii
  • romance
  • highschooldrama
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