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Together We Fall by ElleBlane
Together We Fallby Elle Blane
Emma's life takes an exciting turn when she moves back to her hometown. Certain circumstances cause her to run into the schools most notorious football player, Trace Hen...
Whether You Like It Or Not (Chat Noir x Reader) by BlazeMP
Whether You Like It Or Not (Chat N...by ★ ˚.⁺ Katakawa -☯︎
[HIGHEST RANKINGS: #9 in Chat Noir x Reader & #7 in HighSchool Drama] [DISCLAIMER: MIRACULOUS DOES NOT BELONG TO ME] Y/N L/N has always been tired and bored of the sa...
The Gangleader and Me ✅✔  (Completed) by FadeLove27
The Gangleader and Me ✅✔ (Complet...by Moeisha Able
*¡NEEDS MAJOR EDITING!* *~*~*~* "You parked your bike in my spot." He said with a slight glare and I rolled my eyes. "Do you see me giving a fuck if its...
A Blonde with Blue Eyes (girlxgirl) by RanielleTJ
A Blonde with Blue Eyes (girlxgirl)by Renny
Two girls who fall for each other the moment they saw each other but they try to control there feeling. The Sexual Tension and all the confusions between them. Will they...
The Boyfriend Project by amberauthor20
The Boyfriend Projectby A.L. Martin
Chelsi Brock is pretty, popular, and just dumped her boyfriend. Easton Alexander is the hot, new guy in school, who has girls falling at his feet. Easton is a player...
Bittersweet  ➳  Newt x Reader by willow2212
Bittersweet ➳ Newt x Readerby Rachel
When Y/N (Your Name) moves to America from England and starts at her new high, everything seems wrong. Except for one thing - or rather, one guy: Newt. The hottest, most...
It Wasn't Until I Met You by HuMzzzz
It Wasn't Until I Met Youby Humz ;)
My names Lyndsey Olsen, I'm 18 years old and this is my story. NOT EDITED
A story of girl named Kim Y/n who has a detective eye and brain, but why she and her 4 other friends are titled and treated as 'Queens' in their school? She is living a...
Saving Us (NejiTen Fanfic) by NymKaneis
Saving Us (NejiTen Fanfic)by TheGirlWhoseStillUnKnown
Tenten was not your typical kid. She grew up in the world of adults. More precisely, she grew up in the world of Akatsuki; a secret organization rich people hire to prot...
Hinterm Regenbogen  by Fiona_150406
Hinterm Regenbogen by Fiona_150406
Es ist das letzte Schuljahr und Johanna ist das ,,It-Girl" der Schule , während Chloe die neue an der High School ist . Die beide kommen aus komplett verschieden...
extra drama - {georgebur/wilburnotfound high school AU) by itzcolletyus
extra drama - {georgebur/wilburnot...by ~[Collet]~
George found, a part of the schools student council and boy friend of the student council president dream. he is really kind and loyal to his friends and family. but ins...
Bittersweet Love. by wairimuu254
Bittersweet Love.by wairimuu254
She hated him, he hated her. That's they way things were and had always been. Atleast until senior year... Lyra Ramirez never asked for all the drama that began to follo...
NERD AND THE POPULAR by wokenupwithyou
NERD AND THE POPULARby Romesomeromance
When The Night Falls by ExquisiteDeatils
When The Night Fallsby .
How a young teenager comes to terms with his newfound form. A wear wolf. He's sent to live with a vampire. A maestro, (aka Michael in Ghosts) which in time they find out...
New Kid?  (:Kirideku:) by EmeraldsgEm_Misty
New Kid? (:Kirideku:)by •B@bbie•
Izuku Midoryia Bakugou's cousin? Izuku Moved to America when he was 10 with his mom. Having a slightly bad reputation, Izuku comes to UA 5 years later and class 2-A mee...
Lie To Me by ElleBlane
Lie To Meby Elle Blane
Audrey is not the type of girl that guys typically flirt with or the type to go to parties and make bad decisions. She is a good girl with a perfect life and good grades...
The start of a crazy year (remake) by that_gayballoon
The start of a crazy year (remake)by Gay_balloon
«This story is a remake of one of my story's, for that story I did not have a plot but I have a plot for this one.» «Ships in this story are: Dreamnotfound, SkepHalo and...
Iliad! Teen Edition by Lifzzy
Iliad! Teen Editionby Jashieth
Odysseus transfers to the "Highschool of Achaea" and it's not what he'd imagined. He'll have to figure out what is so special about it. Maybe it's the mysterio...
The Bad Boy Borrowed My Tampon (undergoing serious editing)  by blueskittles13
The Bad Boy Borrowed My Tampon (un...by somebody
" What the hell dude. Why do you have a tampon shoved up your fricking nose. Are you mental or something . That was my last one now what am I going to use for the r...