I stayed on patrol for a few more hours leaving around five, I was so exhausted I stripped out of my clothes and threw myself on top of the bed quickly falling

"Em its time for school get the hell up."
"Fuck off Lui I'm tired wake me up for training"

"You can't just blow school off i'm sorry but get your ass up we leave in 20 mins" Maybe i can just wait until they've left .

"And we're not leaving without you"
I got up lazily and trudged to my bathroom to get ready. So maybe I wasn't as tired as I'm making it out to be.

I didn't fight anyone lately and Travis has demanded another match against me.

Still though, maybe I'm just lazy.

I got out the bathroom having finished my shower and brushing my teeth.

*bang bang*

"Screw off I'm coming" Why am I friends with them again. "Move your ass faster" That was Lui and his loud mouth.

Dragging on some ripped jeans and a loose cat t-shirt, I quickly got dressed than dragged a brush through my hair. It wasn't my best look but who cares.

The guys were outside and ready to take off when I got out. Following their lead we quickly flew to school making it two minutes before class started. I was planning on taking my time to class but the guys had other ideas they both grabbed my hands pulling me down the hall towards my locker.

"Oh my god I'm coming my wings are still out "
"No time we're going to he late" The few people in the hall kept staring until I glared at them.

When we got to the lockers they shoved me towards it almost making me fall. What the hell man.

"You guys are going to pay for that."
"Just grab your stuff and come on".
I swear they have no patience I had to endure their pulling and shoving just to get to class right as the bell rang, seriously.

"Nice of you to grace us with your presence your highness" the teacher began sarcastically. " Please refrain from coming late or you'll get a detention"

Really bitch?

Your dumbass should be honoured. Forget messing with the guys, I want her.

#Em no, I know that look and if you get caught we're all dead# I heard Dima's voice through the link.

Ignoring him and the giggling class I walked to my seat. Half way through the lesson I felt four pair of eyes staring at me.

Of course the idiots told my mate.

I waited until the teacher was standing before using my powers.
Lowering my hand I quickly sent out shots of fire heating her metal chairs.

I wouldn't heat it enough to scorch her just enough to get her flying out of her seat.

I made sure no one was watching me everytime i fired.

The seat was really hot now all she had to do now was sit.

I was about to shoot the last fireball when Dima kicked my chair and instead of hitting her chair it hit her right on the bum.

"Aaaaaahhhhhhhh" Her scream was so loud I swear the whole building stopped to listen in.

"Omg Dima how could you" I cried rushing to the fallen teacher.

"That's our teacher for god sake"

"Whaa what I didn't do anything"

The teachers wails were coming to a halt and honestly she sounded like a cow giving birth.
I was having troubles keeping my laughter under control.

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