Another agonising two weeks have passed with Ashton blatantly ignoring me. I swear I'd rather him annoy and chase me around than ignore me but it's for the best. Today's Friday and the guys and I are inviting Drew come dirt racing.

Basically it's, us dirt biking in the muddy hills, and the first one to make it around and back to the starting wins. On some days Drew tends to sit with his friends today being one of those days meaning one of us has to go to him. That one being me since I lost the rock paper scissors match with lui and Dima.

Walking up to their table I watch as everyone got quieter and quieter with each step until I reached my destination Jock vile and Whore Town. Stopping in front of their table I focus my attention on Drew, who seems to be too engrossed in his phone to look up.

"What are you doing here freak" that was one of the founding citizens of horeville Anishka. Such a slutty girl yet so much potential, if only she'd drop her side bitches she'd be a wonderful person.

"Drew" he jumped from the shock of hearing my voice in his head. "Holy cow Ember a little warning next time" I rolled my eyes at him. "I've been standing here for a while now what more warning do you need"

"You were? Huh I didn't even see you"

*Gasp* I heard the collective gasp from the eavesdroppers around.

"She talks"

"He's talking to her"

"I bet she sounds like a man" I turned to the girl who had said that and noticed it was big feet tiffany. Yeah and I'm the man. "Drew the guys and I are going dirt racing tomorrow and you're invited" "What's that" he asked confused.

Showing him what it looks like with all the mud and tricks that we do. It's pretty extreme since some of the roads are narrow or have fallen trees and ramps you have to fly over. The more tricks you do the more points you get. Whoever has the most points get treated to lunch along with the winner.

"Whoa that looks fucking awesome when it is?" "Tomorrow meet us at here at school|" I responded

"What time" "Ugh about 8; 30" He looked like he wanted to say something but didn't know how. "Spit it out" This time he answered using the link "Can I bring Ash with me? Normally we hang on Saturday" This just keeps getting better and better.

"If he's willing to come then fine and don't worry we have Gear to fit you both" I turned and walked away before he could ask any more questions. I wasn't far away before he started telling them about what I told him.

"She bikes"

"Pretty cool for a freak"

"Can we come" I scoffed at that one, as if. "Nah she only just agreed with me to let Ash come along"

I tuned them out and left the cafeteria just as the bell rang. Deciding to ditch I left and went home to get things ready for tomorrow. Flying home I headed straight for the shed in the garage. Grabbing five bikes I loaded them all in the back of our truck with our gears and other necessities like oil, water and first aid kits. I brought an extra wig and glasses just in case something happens, best to be prepared.

The guys came home around four with boxes of pizza for dinner and treats for tomorrow. Taking the pizzas I brought them to our movie room, deciding to be nice I invited my sisters who were more than happy to come over" let's just say I didn't get much sleep.


Waking up 7:00 I took a really quick shower and got dressed before sending my sister's home. They guys were pretty bummed their mates were leaving but they'll see them again tomorrow.  Grabbing the food out the fridge I carried them out to the truck just in time for the boys to come down.

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