He Knows

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It was now Saturday night and the guys were getting ready for bowling while I was getting ready to do my rounds. I was decked out in my all black leather fighting outfit. Tonight I was hoping to get some good action, I needed to let my anger out and rogues were the perfect stress reliever.

When I was ready I grabbed my cell and ran downstairs just as the guys were about to leave.

"You're going out tonight" I heard Dima's voice call from behind me. "Yup it's my shift tonight and I've got some feelings to let out' He looked at me like he was fighting with himself with telling me not to go but he knew I wouldn't listen so he just sighed and told me to be careful.

"Always am and don't worry you know I'm going to be fine" with that I left out the back door and taking off. Tonight I'd be checking the west border where only the smart rouges who are willing to cross the river come. Landing in a tree I made sure to camouflage myself using the branches and leaves, lastly using the masking scent spray to cover myself.

It's been about to two hours now and just when I was thinking of leaving I heard them. Two rogues making their way through the border. I watched as they ran and stopped at the trees in front of me. They were in their human form which was odd but I'd find out soon enough.

''Cassie come on we need to find somewhere safe before they find us, I'm not trying to get in any trouble with any packs'' the said scolding the girl Cassie. 'Too late for that don't you think, seeing as your on dark moon's territory' I said from my hiding spot.

I watched as they spun in circles trying to find me but I was well hidden. 'Who said that? Cassie shouted fear evident in her voice. I smirked ''Wouldn't you like to know Cassie" I taunted. "Adam what's going on" she asked clinging to him. Mhmm so his names Adam.

"Shush Cassie..............  Look! we're not trying to cause any harm we just want to talk please"
Pulling my mask on I jumped from out the branches landing in front of them in a cat woman like position frightening them. "HOLY SHIT" they screamed making me chuckle.

"What are you doing here" I asked causing them to gasp and stare into my eyes as if in a daze. Any other day I would have found this funny but seeing I was already pissed of their reaction was annoying me. Curse my angel like voice"

Using the command power in my voice I asked them what they were they doing here?"
"We're running from our old pack our parents were killed and the beta's daughter framed us so now we have to leave or else were going to be killed."

Mhmm poor things. "Very well so your recent rogue's then our alpha shouldn't have a problem with you."

"Alpha" Adam gulped. "Yes alpha, he will have to know about you"
I could see the fear in their eyes and just like that they took off running but me expecting that used my power and raised a fire wall blocking there escape.

"Uh uh uh now why would you want to run away I've been so nice yet you betray me by trying to escape"

"Whaaa what aare you, stoop I ii it you'll buuurn the woods down along with us" I laughed as if. 'Chill I won't burn the forest or kill you. Unless you try to run away again got it? They both nodded.
"Okay I'm going to call my alpha and when he comes you mention nothing about what happened to anyone but him got it or I'll roast you from the inside out."

After calling alpha Damon we sat they're for five minutes before I sensed him and some pack mates disappearing to the trees in time for them to come. "I hope to see you guy again Adam and Cassie"

Before they could reply Alpha D and some of the warriors approached them. "Hello I'm alpha Damon" after that was said I took of through the trees out of sight out of mind for now.

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