Big mouth

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*Cynthia Travis Sister*

"Come on guys take me too her please"
I've been begging them ever since she left and they finally agreed.                                                            "Fine come on we need to check on her now anyways," he turned to Dima waging a bet "Five bucks Travis is making food".

Again with Travis.

Drew jumped on my back and shouted that he was coming too. "Dude don't say shit like that while you're on me" He just rolled his eyes and jumped off.

It didn't take us long for them to fly us over but they were no where in sight.

"I thought you said they'd be fighting".
They simply shrugged 🤷🏾‍♀️
"It smells like sweat and a little musk they probably fought inside rather than out here"

"Well I'll be in the games room" and there goes my "bestfriend"

They were definitely right when we walked in I could smell the stench. "Could you show me too her" My sentence got cut off from shouting and something hitting the floor upstairs. I didn't even think, I was through the doors up the stairs within seconds, the guys trailing behind me. 

" Ugh" 

I was about to barge in but stopped dead in my tracks.
"Damm Travis you're so big" she groaned.

"Mhmm" was all the response I could here from him.

"Give it to me"

"Oh fuck" They were getting louder.

Is she really having sex, I should just go in bust them.

I felt the guys hands on my shoulder "Sorry man "

" Fuck Ember... *pant* let go"

No I couldn't take it, her moans they should be mine. I was getting angry I could feel my wolf working its way out.

I need to leave before I hurt anyone. Except Travis that ass could die.

I ran down the steps and out the door and shifted. I had a extra pair of clothes in my school bag.

"Yes yes" I heard her shout stupid wolf hearing.
I ran around the parameter of the house cause I wouldn't know how to get back.
I was making my tenth lap when they called me in.

They tossed me my bag and I changed just in time for them to come down.


I don't know what happened exactly all I felt next was a throb in my hand and the guys pulling me away.

"What the fuck man who the hell do you think you are punching me like that".

"Ohh fuck you like we don't all know what you were doing" I spat.

"I heard you, we all heard you you're both sick "Oh Travis your so big, oh fuck Travis, yes yes yes, Mhmm, ugh let go"

"I can't believe I pinned after you for so long, I thought you were different Ember but you're just like all the other girls in our school mute or not, princess or not you're all the same". Did I just say that?

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